class- safe

**special containment procedures **

SCP-XXXX is to be surrounded on all sides by a 2.5 meter tall opaque construction fence. All sides are to be patrolled by at least 2 security personnel dressed in clothes commonly worn by construction workers including orange safety vests and yellow safety helmets. Any unauthorized citizens attempting to enter the area are to be turned away an told construction is underway.

Motion sensors are to be every 2 meters on the inside perimeter and similar guard patrol as before anyone found inside the area is to be sedated and questioned. Reinforced concrete walls are on the inside of all construction fencing to keep any trespassers out of the area. Any holes in fencing are to be reported and fixed immediately. All guards are to carry one small concealed pistol and baton.


SCP-XXXX is a park in [REDACTED], Washington with a total area of one square kilometer,with plant life native to the region, concrete walking paths and a white gazebo in the middle of the area. SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties only become apparent when only one living human is inside of the area and no other humans or recording devices are viewing the area if the events are viewed while they are underway they will immediately cease to occur and remain inactive until the event is triggered again. If the event ceases due to the appearance of another person the event will begin again once the other human or recording device has left or been removed. SCP-XXXX causes a repeating "time loop". Once a person has entered and it is active they will experience a vision of themselves exactly 2 minutes in the future as long as they are still in the park at the time predicted by the apparition. This vision will give a strong compulsive signal to follow it anywhere it goes in the park. Once the viewer reaches the point it originally viewed the apparition at another apparition will appear in the place which the viewer was exactly 2 minutes earlier and first saw the original apparition this apparition and any consequent apparitions cause no compulsion in the viewer. This second apparition will follow the viewer in the exact same way that the viewer followed the original apparition. After another 2 minutes another apparition will appear in the viewer's original location and follow the second apparition in the same way. This event will recur until the viewer leaves the area at which point all apparitions will disappear. This event poses no physical threat
After 2 consecutive hours inside the park the viewer will be led into a small white gazebo in the middle of the park. ( At this point the process will continue, even if it is viewed or recorded) Once they have entered large roots appear from the ground and a hole opens around the gazebo, the roots then proceed to grow as a cocoon around the building and drag it into the earth. After approximately 3 days the gazebo will reappear and the viewer will appear dead, encased in the roots of what has been shown to be an oak tree, near the park with signs of severe dehydration. Eyewitness reports tell that the "cocoon" of roots is pushed out of the earth and out of the park.


If a period of 6 months passes with no subjects being taken the park he's been observed to take any small animals that are present with similar roots. If a year passes with no living animal entering the park, it will begin to deteriorate in a manner similar to if it was abandoned at an unnatural rate. Sidewalks will become cracked and overgrown, trees lose leaves and begin to rot, and the gazebo will have paint chip off and have graffiti appear. This continues until either all plant life is observed to be dead or another animal is taken by the park, at which point the park begins to return to its "pristine" state.

Addendum 2

During an attempted soil test rumbling was felt throuought the park and thick beds of roots rapidly grew where the test was being conducted. During an attempted excavation of the area around the gazebo the soil around the building became very soft and what was called a sinkhole opened beneath the equipment, swallowing the excavator along with two personnel. These appear to be the park's "self defense" against anyone attempting to disturb the topsoil.