The Space Saint
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Item #: SCP-2991

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
With current limited space travel technology it is not possible to contain or even reach SCP-2991. It is unclear if a safe containment is possible due to SCP-2991’s destructive abilities; if possible the Subject is to be placed in storage area with high anti-dimensional properties. The subject’s orbital course is to be followed by the Foundation’s orbital observatories of Site-██, ██, ██ and ██ at any time. Information about SCP-2991’s activities is restricted to level 3 personal.

SCP-2991 appears to be a humanoid creature of approximately 32.81 feet height hanging on a metallic object in a crucifix shape (SCP-2991-A) and a ring of light floating in a fixed position over its head (SCP-2991-B).

The Subject was first spotted in Earth’s orbit over Europe in the year 19██ by a Foundation-owned observatory in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Due to the limitations of orbital recording devices at the time the first imagery taken of SCP-2991 were of very low quality and nearly unusable for further studies.

Newer, high quality footage revealed that SCP-2991 appears to possesses a basic humanoid body structure similar to an male human adult, but also more alien features such as a elongated skull structure, a third eye on its forehead, a wide, lipless mouth, no visible nose or ears, a 6th finger on each hand, gill-like openings in the chest and no skin that covers the exposed muscle of its body. It also appears that the creature is in an advanced state of decay, showing deep, open wounds on its body, missing fingers and toes, exposed bones and two empty eye sockets.

SCP-2991-A, the cross-shaped object SCP-2991 is hanging on, is made out of a dark red, unknown metal. SCP-2991 is “nailed” to SCP-2991-A by thick bolts in its wrists, feet and neck, made out of the same material as SCP-2991-A. The vertical beam is approximately 36 feet long and 6 feet wide, the horizontal beam (crossing the lower “head-end” of the vertical beam, therefore forming a crucifix) is assumed to be 20 feet long and 6 feet wide. SCP-2991-A shows signs of damage and structural decay, with its surface being covered in dents, scratches and cracks. This is as so far interesting as SCP-2991 and SCP-2991-A took no physical damage by previous collisions with space debris and other objects. Furthermore the Subject also seems to be immune to all environmental hazards of space such as radiation, cold, heat or vacuum.

SCP-2991-B is a perfect ring of seemingly pure light that floats right above SCP-2991’s head. It is unknown how the light generates or sustains this form. The light coming from SCP-2991-B doesn't illuminate SCP-2991 or SCP-2991-A.

SCP-2991 orbits the planet with a constant pace and height in a seemingly random course, but can also change its direction and velocity at wish. Even so indestructible, the Subject will sometimes change it course to avoid collisions with bigger objects and spacecrafts (it is known that it avoided the ISS multiple times since the space station was assembled), what is reason to assume that SCP-2991 is not only aware of its surroundings, but has also the ability to sense other objects from a far distance. It always faces the Earth in an upright position, looking down onto the surface.


Extended SCP-2991-B shortly before "Hyper Jump".

If actively approached, SCP-2991 will stop its course as soon its pursuer/s enters a 100 mile radius. SCP-2991-B then will start to expands its diameter until it’s wide enough to fit SCP-2991-A through it. SCP-2991-B then starts to glow bright while warping the space within its boundaries. SCP-2991-A then proceeds to fly through the extended SCP-2991-B, disappearing into the warped space. This process causes an explosive disruption of the very space fabric around the Subject, warping all physical matter in a 200 mile radius into bizarre shapes, subsequently killing every life.
It is assumed that SCP-2991-B possesses the ability to generate a Worm Hole or "Hyper Jump" Conncetion to a different point in space, as SCP-2991 was often spotted on a different location in Earth’s orbit soon after this occurred. It is unknown if SCP-2991 uses this ability solely to flee or if it consciously intends to destroy and kill its pursuer/s with it.
So far 6 Satellites and ██ members of Mobile Task Force ██████ were lost to this activity. Otherwise SCP-2991 is not considered hostile.

Attempts to communicate with SCP-2991 over radio- and light signals were unsuccessful.

Even so its appearance has a strong resemblance to a Symbol of Faith, it is uncertain if SCP-2991 has indeed anything to do with the Abrahamic Religions (see Addendum; Prof.██████ latest discovery). If so it would mean that [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED], therefore being possible evidence about [DATA EXPUNGED].

Even so most of the time completely motionless (and formerly assumed to be dead), it was lately observed that SCP-2991 actually moves from time to time, turning its head and even opening and closing slowly its mouth as if it tries to form words.

Over the years it was noticed that SCP-2991 stops for at least 20 hours its course when arriving at certain locations over Earth, remaining a fixed position over them. So far these locations could be determined:

- Mount Fuji, Japan
- [DATA EXPUNGED], Greenland
- Gizeh, Egypt
- [DATA EXPUNGED], Germany (destroyed)
- [DATA EXPUNGED], Thailand
- The current location of SCP-███, Brazil
- The current location of SCP-███, Zimbabwe
- Church of St. ██████, Switzerland
- A random area in the South Pacific Ocean (Y:██, X:███)
- Containment Site-██ of SCP Foundation, [DATA EXPUNGED]

At closer observation of SCP-2991-A, Prof. ██████ noticed that it's surface is covered in what appears to be logographic writings. Due to the bad resolution of the available photos and SCP-2991-A's damaged state Prof. ██████ is currently unable to determine the language, but stated it originates from at least around ████ B.C.