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Last image taken of SCP-XXXX before the ships destruction in 19██


Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:Due to SCP-XXXX's nature it is currently impossible to contain this SCP. Document will be updated when containment is feasibly.SCP-XXXX is to be escorted by 4-6 Foundation naval ships when not docked at ATOC-120153.All escorting ships must be equipped with Morse code machines and designated FEF-XXXX,FEF-XXXX must be connected to a hotline directed to a Gamma-6 rapid response unit in case of accident via aggravation of SCP-XXXX or changes in behaviour/anomalys. SCP-XXXX-1 is to be held under strict security in the lower section of SCP-XXXX's hull. CCTV cameras are to be installed in all rooms of the lower section of SCP-XXXX's hull.If any SCP-XXXX-1 instances start imitating Morse code signals all personnel are to evacuate SCP-XXXX's hull until the SCP-XXXX-1 instance has ceased signals.

Description:SCP-XXXX is a Second World War American Fletcher Class Navy Destroyer with sea dazzle camouflage painted on the hull and has heavy mechanical modifications in the lower hull,Guns and steering module,SCP-XXXX also has heavy corrosion and rusting on the hull. SCP-XXXX was found roaming around the Philippine sea off the coast of Luzon on the 24th January 20██. SCP-XXXX can move by itself with without the need of an engine or propeller with the lowest speed being 12.2 knots and highest speed being 36.5 knots. SCP-XXXX has been confirmed sentient with the ability to talk in English via a Morse code machine.If any deliberate harm is done to SCP-XXXX or SCP-XXXX-1 SCP-XXXX will enter a hostile state and engage said attacker via onboard armaments or in rare cases directly ramming in to the attacker until attacker is eliminated. When SCP-XXXX is damaged SCP-XXXX will purposely sink until fully submerged under water and then disappear,Approximately 6 hours later SCP-XXXX will reappear and rise out of the water with all damage gone except the rusting and corrosion on the hull. SCP-XXXX-1 are a non-hostile humanoid species with a height of 7.1ft and a weight of 21 stone. SCP-XXXX-1 has greyish white skin and a Morse code machine in place of where there head should be.They also have dazzle camouflage across there body similar to SCP-XXXX .SCP-XXXX-1 doesn't need any nutrition or hydration to stay alive,it is unknown how
SCP-XXXX-1 does this or how long SCP-XXXX-1 lives. Approximately every 22 hours SCP-XXXX-1 instances will emit Morse code signals resembling that of the SOS signal. SCP-XXXX-1’s fraud SOS signal will cause rapid oxidisation of any living tissue within the hull of SCP-XXXX,after oxidisation of the tissue approximately 3 hours later the remaining pile of rust will enter a process of Atomic reconstruction and will transform from its original colour to a greyish white then will continue to construct its self into a newly formed instance of SCP-XXXX-1.

‭‭‬‬Recovery:SCP-XXXX was first discovered by the Foundation after multiple reports of an old Warship roaming around the Philippine Sea was sending out dozens of SOS signals all at one time.After losing contact with the first Naval containment team a Gamma-6 contingent was sent in to intercept SCP-XXXX.Once SCP-XXXX was intercepted SCP-XXXX was taken to Naval Containment Area ATOC-120153 via tug boat. Approximately 2 days later SCP-XXXX-1 was discovered in the hull of SCP-XXXX without incident.

‭‭‬‬Addendum 1:It is theorised that SCP-XXXX-1 used its fraud SOS signal to lure nearby sailors into the hull of SCP-XXXX.

‭‭‬‬Addendum 2:The intelligence of SCP-XXXX has been confirmed to be level with that of a 6 year old child.After continued tests on SCP-XXXX it was confirmed that SCP-XXXX has emotions but is also able to feel pain.

Addendum 3: After Expedition-XXXX it has been discovered that SCP-XXXX-1 will rapidly oxidize upon leaving SCP-XXXX until disappearing then reappearing back inside SCP-XXXX.

Addendum 4:After retrieval of SCP-XXXX PROJECT-Trident was initiated to try and discover what happened to SCP-XXXX.It has been discovered that SCP-XXXX was apart of the US Seventh Fleet and was sunk during a mine sweeping operation in the South China Sea.███████████████████████

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