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Item #: SCP-y

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-y is stored in a Level-3 containment locker adjacent to Site-101's secondary laundry room. Once per day, a designated person with Level-3 or greator clearance. is to record an entry beginning on the front-most page of SCP-y which is not full. All entries should be written with SCP-y-Sierra or SCP-y-Romeo, using a black 0.5 mm rollerball pen, and following content guidelines listed under Document-y-161a. An attempt should be made to maintain the number of blank pages at approximately 10; the number should never be allowed to drop lower than 5 or higher than 15 outside of testing. Once per week, the designated person is to remove all pages they have written in SCP-y during that week; these pages may be stored or disposed of at the discretion of the SCP-y project head.

The complete orthography and vocabulary of SCP-y-1 are infohazards. Specific information about the orthography and vocabulary is restricted to Level 4-y clearance. Release of the information

Socks are not permitted to be washed in Site-101's main laundry room. Articles of clothing other than socks are not permitted to be washed in the secondary laundry room. The number of socks must be recorded before and after each wash cycle. The dedicated sock washer dryer unit is designed to be partially disassembled after each cycle to ensure that no socks become caught in the unit's mechanism. To ensure ease of writing, only undyed cotton socks are permitted in Site-101's laundry outside of testing.

Attempts to identify and locate POI-y-Alpha are considered a low priority.

Description: SCP-y is a hardcover ring-bound journal measuring 16 cm in width and 22 cm in length, previously used by POI-y-Alpha as a personal diary and for recording notes on the development of SCP-y-1. SCP-y contains at least 257 A5 sized lined pages of varying composition. The exact composition and number of pages continuously varies due to SCP-y's anomalous properties. SCP-y was originally used as a diary by a American college student, hereafter POI-y-Alpha.

SCP-y-Sierra is an alternate English orthography invented by POI-y-Alpha, used to write the majority of her journal entries, and presumably created as a means of preventing other people from reading the entries. SCP-y-Sierra an abugida1 with which English can be written phonemically according to a roughly neutral accent of General American English. For a complete guide on writing SCP-y-Sierra, please refer to Document y-Sierra-T.

Blank pages, or pages in which less than 23 lines of text have been written on each side, cannot be removed from SCP-y or damaged by any known means. If both sides of the page contain at least 23 lines of handwritten text or an equivalent amount of other marks on each side, the person(s) who wrote the text will be able to remove the page from SCP-y by tearing the page out. Once removed from SCP-y, these pages cease to exhibit anomalous properties.

SCP-y will continuously generate new pages at a rate dependent on the number of blank pages remaining in the journal. This rate is slowest when there are 10 blank pages remaining in the journal; the rate is inversely proportional to the number of blank pages when the number is below 10, and directly proportional when the number is above 10.

The following has been shown to increase the rate of new page production by SCP-y:

  • Nonsensical writing or scribbling
  • Using a writing implement other than a 0.5 mm black rollerball pen.
  • Recording information that is not of a personal, introspective, and recent nature.
  • Writing in a language other than English
  • Non-utilization of SCP-y-Sierra.

An best practice style guide for writing in SCP-y is available in Document y-161a. When the number of blank pages is maintained at 10, and best practice style guidelines are adhered to, the rate of new page creation is approximately 1.5 pages per day.

The material for new pages in SCP-y comes directly from socks washed in nearby washing machines and dryers. Socks will disappear from these washers and dryer via unknown means. Testing of new pages in SCP-y shows that the composition of these pages matches the missing socks, including the type of fibers and any dyes present. Some mass from the socks is lost in this process. When the number of blank pages is maintained at 10, socks will only disappear from the closest operating washer and dryer; the range increases when the number of pages is not maintained at 10.