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Image taken from the camera of Agent:████


Object class: Keter (until further notice)

Special containment procedures:Since SCP: XXXX is a subterranean structure it is extremely difficult to contain. SCP:XXXX's size is unknown and several entry locations have been discovered all over Italy. It is also extremely difficult to study SCP:XXXX due to several instances of SCP: XXXX-1. Currently all known entrances to SCP:XXXX are sealed and protected by armed guards. Currently all expeditions into SCP:XXXX are to include 10 extra armed guards, equipped with anti-stab vests and armor as well as riot shields and stun guns.

Description: SCP:XXXX is an extensive ancient Roman catacomb of unknown date. Several artifacts found within SCP:XXXX point towards [REVISE]political anarchy, (though some artifacts such as gold coins imprinted with portraits of Caesar on it) means that the construction of SCP:XXXX stretches up to the Byzantine empire[REVISE].