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The city present in d-385's instance of SCP-8023

Item #: SCP-8023

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The floppy disk with the file to enable SCP-8023 is to be contained in a locked box with specially fitted padding for the flash drive. Experimentation with SCP-8023 may only be performed with prior permission from at least one (1) Level 4 personnel. The test subject will be locked in the specialised cell to use SCP-8023. Experimentation may only be performed on an isolated computer, and the main unit of the computer must be separated from the testing chamber so as to prevent any inadvertent damage.

Description: SCP-8023 was discovered in ████████████, India after a raid by foundation agents on ███████ University campus after a series of suspicious deaths on 04/15/20██. SCP-8023 was found in the dorm room of ███████ █████ in a Sony 3.5-inch high capacity floppy disk. The body of ███████ █████ was on the floor at the time of recovery following a suicide pact with another person by the name of ███ ████.

One instance of SCP-8023-1

The floppy disk can be read on any compatible drive and appears to contain a single file called "Reality_TheGame.exe". When the .exe file is run an instance of SCP-8023 is initiated. A menu screen instantly appears with options to start the game, look at the credits or change the settings. Any attempts to change the settings are met with a crash and SCP-8023 restarting the executable file. The credits list ███████ █████ as the main programmer and also notes the lack of artist in this project.

When the game is started it will not play for anyone other that the person that initially started the game. The menu screen will appear but the programme becomes unresponsive. SCP-8023 takes the form of a simulation game on what appears to be a randomly generated planet. The player is able to work, get paid and preform general day-to-day routines within the game (See document 8023-23B for a comprehensive list). It appears to be extremely realistic, despite the lack of textures and increased day/night cycle time. It is populated with low polygon count residents labelled as SCP-8023-1. Each resident appears to have different personalities and able to speak an incomprehensible language consisting of grunts and mumblings. All members appear to be exactly identical to each other in appearance although have separate personalities consistent with that of each gender.

SCP-8023 is shown to create an instant link to the player, both mentally and physically, as soon as the game is started. At the beginning of the month eating a full meal in-game will have the sustenance of a small snack. By the end of the month the player will be able to regulate their body completely within the game. This also includes causing intoxication through alcoholic substances and other methods. Autopsy reports show traces of food found within the game in their digestive systems. The world also appears to changes in real time, slowly changing based off the mentality of the player. Pathetic fallacy has been applied to the weather, music and emotions of SCP-8023-1. SCP-8023 is shown to analyse the players actions and demolish and reconstruct buildings according to the players needs in real life. Previous test subjects have shown gyms being constructed when in need of exercise, casino's or cinema's when entertainment is needed and in rare cases, fuel for addictions e.g liquor stores being built or drug dealers moving in. The world seems entirely dynamic and dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the player in-game.

An object in the process of being transferred to SCP-8023

In the second month of playing objects will appear in the game from the players personal life thus the objects are labelled as SCP-8023-2. SCP-8023 starts will the most personal objects. These objects will be transferred from reality into SCP-8023. So far the most common items have been jewellery, clothes and framed photos. While the object is being transferred to the game world a pixelated aura will surround the object. The pixel size will increase until the object has appeared to fully disperse into the air. This was first brought to the Foundations attention when the wife of d-874 complained about jewellery disappearing. Being under foundation watch at the time researchers made a link with the sudden appearance of the items in game. Research now shows that a personal item will be transferred every 6-13 days after the previous. Test subjects have shown great discomfort during this month and have become very quickly fatigued as recent observations have discovered the subject's blood is found to be drained at a rate of roughly 2% per day. SCP-8023 appears to use human blood as a fuel for the in-game environment as it becomes more realistic, adding more polygons and implementing textures. It has been observed that, despite the variances of colours in the textures, on all colour examples taken there has been a very prominent increase in the red scale in the RGB colour model.

After the second month items from the subjects life will rapidly transfer into the game world transferring every 10-30 seconds. The subjects blood will completely drain within roughly 2 hours although they are still able to continue playing. After this the subject will also secrete powerful heterotrophs through pores in the body that will decompose the body in a matter of a few days. The subject shows no pain during this process and will continue to utilize SCP-8023. Dissection of the body before this process shows no anomalies within the body and it still unknown how the player is still able to continue despite the lack of blood and very fragile state of the body. Within the time of decomposition the game world will rapidly advance technologically. Residents have been observed to establish a space program, create nuclear fusion energy plants and even tested to see if their universe was a simulation, in which results were positive (Incident 8023-b72). (See document 8023-07 for a complete list of technologies). After the body has been fully decomposed the first person angle of the players character in-game will zoom out until in third person. The player is clearly seen as another instance of SCP-8023-1 and has shown to have traits consistent to the subject previously playing the game. This enables the ability to restart the game.