Weryllium's Tabulous Tabpage Funtab

Item #: SCP-W

Object Class: NERD!

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-W is to be kept in a room with a laptop. This laptop must be older than SCP-W. SCP-W must be fed foods high in cheese and bacon. If there is no cheese present on a meal, it is not a meal (seriously though). SCP-W is too lazy to break out, so just leave him in there.

Description: SCP-W is a nerd (duh). He types up stuff when he feels like it, and occasionally commiserates with other nerds on a website about something called the "SCP Foundation". SCP-W projects an antimemetic field within his own brain that causes an inability to finish or remember drafts in progress, schoolwork, assignments, texts from his parents, and other semi-important things.

Addendum-01: Check out this sandbox, yo!

Addendum-02: On 11/30/16, SCP-W posted a successful SCP to the 'mainlist'. How he accomplished this is unknown at present. Reports indicate he had a lot of help.