Some Fuck's Proposal/Mr. Finale

Item #: SCP-34231

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3423 is to be contained within a Class-B Anomalous Humanoid Containment Cell. SCP-3423 is not to interact with any Foundation personnel, and no communication attempts are to be made with SCP-3423. In the event that SCP-3423 starts to communicate with non-Kami-Marked personnel, Protocol Kami Shito is to be enacted immediately.

Once every 16 months, Operation SHEN is to be enacted, which consists of locating Kami-Marked personnel, discovering their SCP-3423-1 anomalous effect, and then amnesticizing them once data has been gathered. If a Kami-Marked personnel cannot be located within 2 months of Operation SHEN activating, information regarding SCP-3423 is to undergo Class-7 Data Restriction.

Description: SCP-3423 is a human male, approximately 31 years of age at the time of writing. SCP-3423 possesses a tattoo on its left thigh reading "Mr. Finale, by Gamers Against Weed"; it is currently unknown if SCP-3423 possesses knowledge of this tattoo or the group in mention due to its ability.

SCP-3423 cannot perceive most humans by any means, IE: they can't see, hear, feel, or smell any human. This effect persists through humans featured in photographs, whether digitally or physically, humans featured on video, and artwork that has figures in it that somewhat resemble humans.

However, there are currently 0 Foundation personnel that can be perceived normally by SCP-3423 (henceforth referred to as Kami-Marked personnel). SCP-3423 will attempt to have conversation with Kami-Marked personnel when they notice them, and when this occurs, SCP-3423-1 will occur.

Once every 16 months, SCP-3423 will vocalize the word "Kami." When this occurs, a random Foundation worker will become Kami-Marked, and will be able to communicate with SCP-3423. Subjects don't realize when they are Kami-Marked, and the only way to test the theory is to attempt communication with SCP-3423.

SCP-3423-1 is the designation for anomalous phenomena that occur when SCP-3423 communicates with Kami-Marked personnel. The total severity and intensity of SCP-3423-1 events vary, as well as the location of these events. However, all SCP-3423-1 events always affect the Foundation and other related objects and phenomena, and will almost never affect civilians in any way.

Addendum: Lists of interactions between SCP-3423 and Kami-Marked personnel: