Item #: SCP-4000

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is contained inside a 4km2 area surrounded by 3 metre high concrete walls. All materials needed to contain SCP-4000 are kept in this area. Individuals lacking valid SCP-4000 clearance found on these premises are to be terminated. To ensure foundation personnel are not harmed by the effects of SCP-4000 a 50 metre restricted area has been established around the object.

Description: SCP-4000 is an ancient construction historically reffered to as 'The Hanging Gardens of Babylon' //rewriting

Addendum SCP-4000-a:

Experiment log:

Class-D are asked to enter SCP-4000, the objective of the mission is to determine if the inside of SCP-4000 is consistent with standard geometry. After entering within 35m of the object the CD comment on the attractive appearance of the object and continue walking towards it. After entering they look around and inspect each of the many plants in the object with immense passion. After 4 minutes of this, the class-D agree to stop and continue deeper into the object. The distance and direction is measured to attempt to draw a map, however, when the class-D come across a point that they have appeared to have been at before the appearance of the area changed suggesting that it may not be possible to map the interior of the object. After 20 minutes the class-D come across a large, decorated archway and approach the object with caution. They could not make out what was on the opposite side of the archway despite being within a meter of it. The CD agree to enter and are met with blinding sunshine and a sandy desert. Immediately signal begins to deteriorate. To the left of the object, the CD reported a copy of SCP-4000 and then another. They appeared to form a circle around a stone spire. There was also a dark gray gravel path between the CD's current position and the spire, it was reported that neighboring SCP-4000's did not have this. When the CD turned around, above the archway was an engraving reading '11' This copy of SCP-4000 is herein referred to as SCP-4000-11. The class-D are advised to head right and they agree, after 20 minutes of walking through the barren desert they reach the object and confirm no presence of a path, above the archway in this copy was an engraving reading '10' hereon referred to as SCP-4000-10. The class-D enter the object and appear to exit a large wooden door in the middle of a city. However there were few people present, signal deteriorates further, voices are barely audible. The CD enter a nearby shop and read the words, 'The flu is coming for you, take the precautions!' from what was assumed to be a newspaper before contact was lost. 5 minutes were spent attempting to reconnect before the mission was officially concluded.
This log suggests that the subjects found themselves in a recent flu outbreak no more than 100-150 years ago.

Addendum SCP-4000-b:
After the events of Experiment-4000-a Sr. Researcher, Dr. J. Smith has proposed sending unmanned robots into SCP-4000, the request was approved by the Site Director for site-4000.
1 unmanned HL Robotics type-14 robot entered SCP-4000, live audio and video are being transmitted to the control room at site-4000. Control crew commented that SCP-4000 did not look attractive, instead said to be 'repulsive' and 'disgusting' despite archived video footage showing the opposite effect. The robot took a straight path to what was assumed to be SCP-4000-9 and reached the object after 32 minutes. The temperature of the robot has reached nearly 32°C and it was recommended to cool down in the shade of SCP-4000-9. After the temperature dropped below 20°C the robot was reactivated and the camera panned proving, indeed that the object was SCP-4000-9. Seemed to have emerged around 1818. The robot continued to SCP-4000-8,7,6,5,4,3,2 and 1 results are shown in the table below.

SCP-4000-8 1618
SCP-4000-7 1218
SCP-4000-6 418 AD
SCP-4000-5 1182 BC
SCP-4000-4 4382 BC
SCP-4000-3 10782 BC
SCP-4000-2 23582 BC
SCP-4000-1 49182 BC

One more monument remained, assumed to be SCP-4000-12 or SCP-4000-0 after reaching the object, the robot confirmed to object to be SCP-4000-12. Upon entering SCP-4000-12, the drone lost contact.

Three (3) more robots were sent to SCP-4000-12, all lost contact.

Addendum SCP-4000-c:
A request to explore SCP-4000-c was sent to the Site Director for site-4000, she approved the exploration.

Diary entry - [REDACTED]

So, these people are now telling me to go into the bloody Hanging Gardens of Babylon. You believe that? All those years they taught us that it is either fake or was destroyed, haha as if. They're probably the ones who made up that lie so they can have their little ancient monument.

Day 1: Basically what happened is, they tell me to stand on this red line and one of those armor dudes comes up and explains how our best chances of survival are if we listen to them. No, actually our best chances of survival are if we don't go into the damn thing. I wanted to say that in his face. No, it's face actually. Doesn't deserve a human pronoun. We go into it and I think to myself, 'Damn! This is the most beautiful place I've ever seen!' So we continue into it and we get lost for quite a while in this place. We find this exit and head out into a desert, I can already tell there is some Illuminati type crap going on. They tell us to go right to what they called, SCP-4000-12. :/ Seems pretty scary. We enter the place and what I saw is. Terrifying to say the least. There was a city in absolute ruins, not just a few broken buildings or even what you can see in those London WW2 pictures. Full on, destroyed. You could barely make out where the buildings used to be. We went into a little crack and set up camp for the night.

Day 2: What the hell is wrong with Jack, he's vomiting blood! And he's got these red spots all over him. I think it's best we leave him. We came across what we assumed was a cinema, it was one of the more intact buildings and we saw some movie posters advertising a movie called 'Dark Rift.' There were also two cars in the area, looked like something out of a futuristic movie. But they still had a large resemblance to modern cars and from what we could tell the brand was Skoda or some future form of it.




Addendum SCP-4000-d:
Further investigation into SCP-4000 is required to determine at what date SCP-4000-12 takes place in, current speculation suggests that it is 2068, 50 years from now.