Item #: SCP-4000

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: Containment site-4000 is to be guarded by armed personnel on strict orders to permit only individuals with /4000 clearance violation is punishable by termination. The site is fully equipped with a cafeteria a complement of class-D, an SD detachment and everything one would expect in a regular SCPF site. All objects created by SCP-4000 are to be assigned a number based on order of creation, these objects should be transferred appropriate containment sites once identified.

Description: SCP-4000 is a large tree-like object located in the [REDACTED] cave, Ukraine. The 'bark' is a deep black while the 'leaves' or SCP-4000-1 are a bright, glowing blue. The object measures nearly 25 metres in height and up to 10 metres in width at certain points. The cave in which SCP-4000 is housed is composed of 99% Iron, this is considered unusual but not anomalous. The tree has not grown since discovery and is not composed of organic materials rather, plastic.

Addendum SCP-4000-1:
SCP-4000-1 are the 'leaves' of SCP-4000 these objects have unusual anomalous properties ranging from memetic or cognito hazards to being 'seeds' for SCP-4000. Anomalous properties of these objects only manifest when they have fallen on their own accord and can not be replicated by forcefully removing.

Addendum SCP-4000-2:
SCP-4000-2, is a adult male sabretooth tiger. Produced on [REDACTED]. Object attacked foundation personnel and rampaged through containment site-4000. Object seems drawn to SCP-4000-1 actively seeking out and destroying three (3) instances of SCP-4000-1 before neutralisation by Security Department. Remains of SCP-4000-2 have been placed in containment for study.

Addendum SCP-4000-3:
SCP-4000-3, is a young, female Tyrannosaurus Rex. Produced on [REDACTED]. Object displayed docile behaviour and was largely cooperative with foundation personnel. Note from Dr James, Cooperative… For a dinosaur. Object placed in containment.

Addendum SCP-4000-4:
SCP-4000-4, Male homo sapiens infected with Yersinia Pestis. Subject was not diagnosed with any conditions upon containment and thus insufficient anti biohazard measures were in place. Subject diagnosed with Yersinia pestis █ days after containment. SCP-4000-4 transfered to a biohazard containment facility. Containment site-4000 entered Θ-Theta class lockdown and all infected personnel were quarantined at a biohazard containment facility while healthy personnel transfered to site-██. Facility manned 2 months later.

Addendum SCP-4000-5:
SCP-4000-5, Large Marble sculpture of ██████ ██████. Produced on [REDACTED]. Object showed no unusual behaviour and was placed in the entrance hall of containment site-4000.

Event log SCP-4000-a:
Multiple research personnel have been hospitalised due to high fever and influenza symptoms, up to 25%. Containment site-4000 had to draw personnel from site-██.

Addendum SCP-4000-6:
SCP-4000-6 is a copy of SCP-093 here on reffered to as SCP-093/4000. Testing is yet to commence. It is important to note that SCP-093/4000 was in a state of rest although the nearest mirror was approximately 100 metres away, more research required. It is important for sake of understanding the context of the rest of the reports on SCP-093/4000 that personnel view the file on SCP-093. This report contains an attached SCP-093 clearance code: ww%kal83bq£okmadoikkrid

Experiment report SCP-093/4000:
SCP-093/4000 will be tested for all behaviours of SCP-093, colour change, subjects entering mirrors, rolling to mirrors etc.
Test 1: Colour change. Class-D subject asked to hold SCP-093/4000 colour change occured. Colour: Brown, noted. Class-D's background: Multiple cases of First and Second degree murder, Expected to turn blue.
Test 2: Class-D was asked to pick up the mirror and attempt to enter a mirror placed in the room. Class-D reports observing a dense forest with lush vegetation, noted. Subject returned.

Addendum SCP-4000-7:
SCP-4000-7, stone sculpture. SCP-4000-7 is a large stone sculpture with the words: 'Napoleon Bonaparte, eternal emperor. 1897' Engraved on the base. Research staff are considering that SCP-4000 can draw items from alternative universes.

Event log SCP-4000-b:
Containment site-4000 has again entered an Θ-Theta class lockdown, personnel have been diagnosed with Yersinia Pestis, all personnel vacated containment site-4000.

Event log SCP-4000-c:
Personnel have returned to containment site-4000 after 1, 1/2 months. Upon arrival no SCP-4000 artefacts apart from SCP-093/4000 have been found. Artefacts lost remains of SCP-4000-2, SCP-4000-3, SCP-4000-5, SCP-4000-7. O5 Council are considering a raid by a hostile GoI. Site placed on stand-by for possible, follow-up raid.

Experiment log SCP-093/4000:
Class-D prepared for exploration of SCP-093/4000. Equipped with standard SCP-093 exploration kit. When subject picks up the object it subsequently turns black. Subject enters through a mirror and is greeted by the sight of a booming city, with pedestrians, cars, and skyscrapers. Class-D instructed to avoid contact with citizens. Building across the street from the class-D bears the text, 'Tour guides.' Class-D instructed to enter the building. Upon entering she is met by a friendly-looking agent, as she described him. 'Hello, wearing an… Unusual outfit today. How can I help you?', 'I would like a… Tour?', 'Oh, yes, yes. ###Could I get a guide to the front please?' Class-D then sees two members of the holy militia walking down stairs and approaches them. Militia members pause and ask if she can come up stairs. Despite orders to decline by Dr. █████, she accepts. After entering a room on the 3rd floor that resembles a meeting room, subject is asked, 'What's that on your ear.' Militia member then leans forward and removes the microphone from D-8559, Contact lost.

Note from Dr. [REDACTED]
This whole thing is bullsh*t.
We should just leave it.
I have the full picture now and I want to share it.
SCP-093/4000 is an SCP-093 pulled from an alternative world and leads into an alternative-alternative world, I had to say that.
When we lost all the artefacts it was the work of the holy militia, they have the technology to open up SCP-093 from the other side.
They took all of the artefacts because they deemed our work, 'unholy.'
SCP-093/4000 was left because it had to remain in the same world as it was when the link was opened, which was our world.
The two members of the holy militia instantly recognised the class-D uniform and asked her to the meeting to help.
It is likely that D-8559 is still alive and well in their little world.
Honestly, I don't blame them. Maybe I could do that? Would they accept me? Or deem me unholy?