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Image acquired during SCP-1967-2 testing

Item #: SCP-1967

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-1967 currently in the Foundation's possession is to be stored in a secure locker in the High Value Artifacts wing of Site 73. Consumption of SCP-1967 is restricted to D-class personnel undergoing testing under Level 3 supervision.

The Foundation is currently in negotiations with the Food and Drug Administration, and other national regulatory agencies, to prohibit the sale of SCP-1967. In the event that any retailer is found to be offering SCP-1967 to the general public, the Foundation shall seize its supply under pretense of a "safety recall" and acquire retailer cooperation in tracing the origin of its distribution. Civilians known to have consumed SCP-1967 are to be debriefed and administered Class-B amnesiacs as necessary.

Description: SCP-1967 consists of three unidentified cultivars of the Nicotiana tabacum plant, similar to varieties widely cultivated around the world for the production of smokable tobacco. To date, no live SCP-1967 plants have been acquired by the Foundation; all samples currently in Foundation custody consist of cured and shredded SCP-1967 leaves prepared and packaged for use as pipe tobacco. Chemical analysis indicates no major differences between SCP-1967 and non-anomalous cultivars of N. tabacum, nor the presence of any psychotropic substances not found in ordinary tobacco.

The three cultivars comprising SCP-1967, designated SCP-1967-1 through SCP-1967-3, are easily identifiable by virtue of their bearing a distinct bright coloration not observed in ordinary tobacco. SCP-1967-1 is colored blue, whereas SCP-1967-2 and SCP-1967-3 are colored red and yellow respectively. Testing has indicated that the coloration of SCP-1967 samples is due to natural pigmentation within the plant itself and not artificial dyes.

When SCP-1967 is smoked by a human being, the subject experiences a variety of psychotropic symptoms in addition to the common physiological effects of tobacco consumption, particular to each specific variety. In general, most subjects describe the sudden onset of a particular strong emotion, coupled with the sudden recollection of various memories relating to that emotion. Test subjects have stated that not all of the memories induced by SCP-1967 consumption are memories they recognize as having occurred to them. The specific effects of the known SCP-1967 cultivars are as follows;

  • SCP-1967-1 induces feelings of extreme euphoria, happiness, and personal satisfaction. Memories associated with SCP-1967-1 consumption frequently revolve around achievement of one's goals and various personal successes in life, as well as instances where the individual satisfactorily helped another person solve his or her problems.
  • SCP-1967-2 induces heightened libido and sexual arousal. Associated memories revolve around moments of intense sexual ecstasy. Subjects consuming SCP-1967-2 often express a strong desire to engage in sexual congress with any other person who may be present at the time.
  • SCP-1967-3 induces a state of intense relaxation and drowsiness. Associated memories tend to relate to the subject idling in luxurious settings and being pampered.

The psychotropic effects induced by SCP-1967 commence approximately 7-10 seconds after the test subject begins to smoke, and begin to dissipate approximately 8 to 10 minutes after smoking ceases. After approximately 60 minutes, the subject returns to a normal state of mind. Test subjects, when interviewed after the cessation of symptoms, have reported great difficulty describing memories experienced during SCP-1967 exposure.

High-speed photography conducted during tests of SCP-1967 consumption reveals that, in approximately 96.3% of photographs of smoke produced by SCP-1967 with an exposure time of less than 1 millisecond, smoke produced by SCP-1967 assumes the form resembling a human face. Thorough examination reveals that the face produced by SCP-1967 smoke changes multiple times during consumption; on average, 30-35 distinct faces are observed during consumption of a single packaged sample of SCP-1967.

The existence of SCP-1967 came to the Foundation's attention in 2009, upon the discovery that it was being distributed and sold to the general public in gas stations, convenience stores, and "head shops" across the United States and in other countries, alongside various other synthetic drugs legal for sale. SCP-1967 is commonly sold in small sealed plastic bags containing 5-10 grams of the product, labeled with the brand name "Brother Philly's All-Organic Soul Smoke", with the declaration that the product is "Grown and hand-harvested with love under the supervision of the First Fifth Church of Los Angeles, Distributed in association with the squares at [REDACTED]". To date, all attempts to trace the distribution of SCP-1967 to its source have failed.