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Photo of SCP-3269 taken after discovery

Item #: SCP-3269

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3269 is to be kept in a metal locker at Site-56, with the key to the locker guarded by two level 3 personnel, with personnel switching shifts every 4 hours. All instances of SCP-3269-2 are to be kept shut inside the building at the top of SCP-3269-1, with no other containment procedures necessary.

SCP-3269 should only be taken out for testing by qualified agents, being careful not to grab SCP-3269 by hand. No more testing is necessary.

Description: SCP-3269 is a 1 metre long metal ice pick with "Perseverance" written on it. Any subject who picks up SCP-3269 will be transported to the base of a mountain, designated SCP-3269-1, along with SCP-32691. Anything touching the subject when he picks up SCP-3269 will be transported along with the subject to SCP-3269-1 Audio devices attached to the subject remain functional, but cameras do not.

Once the subject appears in SCP-3269-1 , they are unreachable, and will become unable to die of hunger, thirst, or asphyxiation, nor will they be able to drop SCP-3269. At this state. If the subject dies on SCP-3269-1, or goes away from the mountain, the subject and SCP-3269 will appear where the subject first picked up the icepick, without any other items carried on the trip returning. If multiple people go into SCP-3269-1 at the same time, they will appear where they last were if they die inside SCP-3269-1.

SCP-3269-1 does not have any wind, even on higher altitudes. SCP-3269-1 currently does not match the data of any given mountain, and is surrounded by walls of ice much taller than SCP-3269-1, even at its peak. SCP-3269-1 is currently inhabited by SCP-3269-2.

SCP-3269-2 are dark, furred, humanoid figures, thought to be about the size of an average 10 year-old child, which will watch any subject on SCP-3269-1. SCP-3269-2 poses no threat, even when touched. Instances of SCP-3269-2 will walk down SCP-3269-1 as long as they aren't watching the Subject. SCP-3269-2 are attracted to anomalies.

SCP-3269 was discovered in an abandoned mining shed in ████, █████, AK, after a man reported grabbing an ice pick, finding himself on a mountain, and falling to his death before waking up inside the shed.

Addendum-819-A: Attached are the Exploration Logs for SCP-3269-1.

Addendum-819-B: After the discovery of SCP-3269's true nature, Procedure-819-Mountain, leaded by MTF-Eta-56 ("Mountaineers"), a plan to seal up every exit of the building at the top of SCP-3269-1 with metal was successfully executed, rendering SCP-3269-2 no longer dangerous.