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Item #: SCP-3986

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As of ██/██/████, SCP-3986 is contained inside a 12 x 12 x 12 meter titanium cube devoid of anything but lighting fixtures on the ceiling. To prevent SCP-3986's containment becoming a vacuum, a dozen oxygen and hydrogen gas cylinders are to be placed inside the containment every fortnight and allowed to depressurize until depleted. After depletion, they are removed and refilled to be used at a later date. Observation of SCP-3986 is done through a thick airtight borosilicate1 glass window. This containment is within the depths of Site-266 in the Gas-Based SCP Containment Zone2 that is situated North-East of the main control area of the facility.

Description: SCP-3986 is a visible mass of minute liquid droplets in the shape of a 3 x 2 x 2 meter cloud. The entity is mainly made up of H2O (water), but under certain circumstances SCP-3986 produces H2SbF7 (fluoroantimonic acid) and becomes caustic. Known circumstances include:

  • SCP-3986 being contained in an area smaller than its current containment;
  • SCP-3986 being presented with food and/or water.

How an inorganic acid is produced by the entity is unknown. Foundation scientists conjectured that nuclear fusion3 is the reason for this acid's production, and that SCP-3986 uses said acid to break down food and water molecules. The use of said food and water molecules for SCP-3986's survival (despite its lack of organs or tissue to maintain) is unknown.

The entity is sentient and reacts to stimuli. This sentience was discovered in its initial containment and verified in testing. Further examination (without restraints; SCP-3986 complied with examiners) found that no central nervous system is inside the entity.

SCP-3986's origins are unknown.

Further examination into the entity's sentience will undergo shortly.

Discovery: SCP-3986 was discovered in ████████████, Oklahoma in the year 19██. A wheat farmer called 999 when he discovered SCP-3986 in the middle of one of his fields. The farmer reported to the police that he was sitting on his porch when the entity was spotted falling toward the ground. The farmer found SCP-3986 "eating" his crop. When the wheat farmer grabbed for the entity to prevent it doing so, he reported a "light ticklish feeling" that he compared to "brushing cobwebs with his fingers".

Unsure of how to stop SCP-3986’s consumption of his crops, the farmer fired his .44 Remington Magnum at it, but reported the rounds “passing through without effect.” After depleting his revolver of ammo, the farmer called 999 and the police arrived. The Foundation arrived and contained SCP-3986 without resistance.

Following standard procedure, all non-Foundation personnel were administered Class-A amnestics.