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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard living anomaly containment cell. All interaction with SCP-XXXX outside of approved D-Class experimentation is prohibited.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an indestructible, presumably sentient entity measuring 3.5 meters in length. SCP-XXXX’s body consists of a head resembling a crocodilian skull connected to a leathery, serpentine torso. Extending from irregular points on the torso are sixteen insect-like appendages. Eight of these appendages end in sharp, serrated points, while the other eight end in five-fingered hands.

SCP-XXXX possesses a pouch on it’s lower torso, within which is a large roll of parchment (designated SCP-XXXX-1), and a quill pen that appears to contain an infinite amount of ink (designated SCP-XXXX-2). Both SCP-XXXX-1 and SCP-XXXX-2, will instantly decintegrate if forcibly removed from SCP-XXXX’s vicinity, after which identical versions of both items will regrow within SCP-XXXX’s pouch over the course of an hour.

Drawn on SCP-XXXX-1 are multiple geometric shapes connected by dotted lines. The number and position of these shapes is inconsistent, as SCP-XXXX frequently alters them using SCP-XXXX-2. All attempts to decipher the contents of SCP-XXXX-1 have so far been unsuccessful.

When left alone, SCP-XXXX behaves in a docile manner, repeatedly editing the contents of SCP-XXXX-1 and making occasional humming noises. It is unknown if SCP-XXXX is capable of speech, as it has never attempted to communicate with personnel. SCP-XXXX does not appear to require food, water, or sleep.

If exposed to a human, SCP-XXXX will rapidly secrete a viscous grey liquid from its hands and eye sockets, and will attempt spread this liquid onto an exposed area of the human’s skin. This liquid causes a rapid stiffening of all muscle tissue, leaving the subject unable to move for the next 20 to 30 minutes. SCP-XXXX will then remove all clothing from the subject, using the serrated edges of its legs to cut through fabric where necessary, and remove SCP-XXXX-1 and SCP-XXXX-2 from its pouch. SCP-XXXX will then spend between 5 and 10 minutes visually examining the subject’s body, drawing on SCP-XXXX-1 during the process. Areas that appear to be of significant interest to SCP-XXXX include the eyes, the ear canals, the mouth, the naval, and any birthmarks or other natural skin discolorations that the subject might have.

Following this examination, SCP-XXXX will either leave the premises without enacting any harm to the subject, or use one of its serrated legs to terminate the subject through impalement. It is unknown what factors, if any, influence the probability of these outcomes. Only one occurence of SCP-XXXX acting outside of these two behaviors has been observed (see Experiment XXXX-3 for more information).

Following the termination of a subject, SCP-XXXX will produce a 10cm by 10cm square of parchment from its pouch. SCP-XXXX will then write varying types of identification on the parchment, such as a legal name and/or a national identification number, before placing the parchment in the palm of the deceased subject. The identification written on this parchment always matches an individual born at the time of the subject’s death. Aside from their time of birth, the only apparent correlation between these individuals and their respective deceased subjects is in the individual’s birthmarks, which are invariably in the same anatomic location as the subject’s impalement.

Addendum XXXX.1: SCP-XXXX Experiment Log

Experiment XXXX-1

Subject: D-3950

Information of Note: Subject was incarcerated under the charges of voluntary manslaughter.

Results: Subject was examined by SCP-XXXX for 7 minutes. SCP-XXXX appeared particularly interested in the subject’s left shin, which possessed a small horizontal birthmark, and the subject’s chest, which possessed no distinguishable markings. SCP-XXXX drew a single filled-in circle on SCP-XXXX-1. Following its examination, SCP-XXXX ignored the subject for the duration of the experiment.

Experiment XXXX-2

Subject: D-5707

Information of Note: Subject was incarcerated under multiple charges of sexual abuse against minors, as well as one charge of aggravated assault.

Results: Subject was examined by SCP-XXXX for 11 minutes. SCP-XXXX appeared particularly interested in a minor discoloration located below the subject’s naval, as well as the subject’s forehead and genitals, which both possessed no distinguishable markings. SCP-XXXX drew an unfilled circle attached to a straight diagonal line on SCP-XXXX-1. Following it’s examination, SCP-XXXX impaled the subject through the chest region. The parchment left on the deceased subject’s person contained a legal name correlating with an infant born in Taiwan.

Experiment XXXX-2

Subject: D-1692

Information of Note: Subject had been incarcerated multiple times for crimes including the manufacture of illegal substances, the desecration of a burial site, and infanticide. Subject possessed full-body vitiligo.

Results: Subject was examined by SCP-XXXX for 28 minutes. SCP-XXXX showed notable interest in the entirety of the subject, and did not focus on a particular part of the subject’s body. SCP-XXXX made multiple distressed humming noises during its examination. SCP-XXXX did not withdraw SCP-XXXX-1 from its pouch at any time. Following its examination, SCP-XXXX decapitated the subject. The parchment left on the deceased subject’s body did not contain any identifying information, instead consisting only of the word “Hopeless”.