Item #: SCP-X1

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Movement into and out of the Nairobi Desert by travelers is to be monitored and if necessary denied by Foundation Desert Unit RA-015, dependent on SCP-X1's feeding cycles. Any ground work regarding SCP-X1 territory requires a team of at least 10 employees, a time schedule of SCP-X1's last known coordinates and a group of ████████████ in the event of a non-standard feeding phase to avoid researcher casualties.

Added Containment Protocol: Observance and possible suppression of the cult known as "Her Shining Disciples" is in accordance with standard containment procedures. Any group or individual activity not recorded relating to SCP-X1 is in violation of established Containment Procedures.

Description: SCP-X1 is an entity currently residing in the Nairobi desert, near the town of █████████ in a 102 km area. Its active state roughly occurs between 6:30 am to 4:30 pm, but this may vary in accordance with the amount of previously consumed subjects. After 4:30 pm SCP-X1 presumably uses its anomalous masking abilities to obscure itself during the evening and night. Activity remains localized roughly within the formerly mentioned area of land.

SCP-X1 takes the appearance of our Sun, and achieves this by mimicking its apparent magnitude and luminosity. Through some form of perceptual alteration, the object is able to appear as the Sun itself from any angle at any given point outside its active feeding phase, rendering it otherwise untraceable from outside observance. While not utilizing this influence, the entity has an approximate 64 inch diameter and a luminescence recorded at approximately 80,000 lux, appearing as a ball of orange-yellow plasma. Viewing SCP-X1 while it is in an active state will not cause damage to the viewer's eyes, however as it is indistinguishable from the actual Sun during its first stage or dormancy, it is not recommended to do so unless protective eye utilities and advanced research tactics have been appropriated.

During feeding cycles, SCP-X1 takes on an aggressive form and "hunts" prey whilst they are isolated within the desert: travelers that are lost or separated from a main group are the easiest prey for the entity and often targeted quicker. This cycle is broken into several states of motion that include SCP-X1's resting state:

Stage 1: SCP-X1 effectively "stalks" prey: this becomes apparent when either a subject leaves the entity's range of dominion and/or SCP-X1 begins to show signs of deviation from its apparent position, gradually alerting the prey that there is a solar anomaly present in the sky.

Stage 2: SCP-X1 will attack and attempt to consume prey within its range. Tests show SCP-X1 is not attracted to any non-sapient beings and will only attack humans, doing so by making low sweeping arcs towards the desert floor. Recorded speeds have shown SCP-X1 is capable of making sweeping attacks at about 50 mph, grazing the ground before returning to its position in the sky to begin another assault. Prey that comes into contact with SCP-X1 is immediately incinerated and considered "consumed". SCP-X1 primarily targets lone subjects, but in the event of consistent suppression of a food source (See Test Log 15-B), will become more agitated and attack groups of up to ten persons within reasonable range.

Stage 3: SCP-X1 becomes dormant and rests until the next active state, at which point it will resume typical feeding behavioral patterns. SCP-X1 remains dormant after consuming approximately 9 human beings per month, with the longest span of dormancy recorded at 5 months. The longest span where SCP-X1 claimed no victims during an active feeding state is hypothesized to have lasted over a year, with zero activity measured within the active site. SCP-X1 will not attack groups of more than ten, despite an apparent lack of feeding in cases such as the former, perhaps in an attempt to remain undisclosed to further outside observation. It is presumed that the entity is sentient, due to it's behavioral patterns and feeding rituals, which put it on par with higher-thinking predatory animals such as lions.

The entity was discovered in 2001, regarding the disappearance of desert caravans and the presence of ambiguous scorch marks on the desert floor. Upon losing several researchers to the entity the following year, Desert Unit RA-015 was founded to ensure proper containment and observation of SCP-X1.