Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP- must be isolated within a 10ft x 10ft x 6ft soundproof chamber. A one way mirror must be present along the wall opposite of the entrance to the cell. The cell must include a bed secured to the floor and hygiene facilities. SCP- must be monitored at all times, but personnel are prohibited from interacting with SCP-. SCP- must be fed regularly and is only to be moved during the bi-monthly cleaning of its cell. Personnel transporting SCP- must wear soundproof hearing protection and remain silent for the duration of transportation. SCP- must be securely shackled, gagged, and blindfolded during transportation.

Description: SCP- is a caucasian female around 17 years of age. SCP- was orphaned after the violent murder of its parents 12 years prior. SCP- has the ability to sense and physically manifest The Seven Deadly Sins into a transparent energy source. This energy can be manipulated to resemble a variety of objects, such as whips and rope. The person(s) that the energy was channeled from will then become a target and SCP- will not stop until that target is deceased. The energy can be manipulated through glass and plaster, but the psychological connection to SCP- will weaken through anything thicker.

Addendum: SCP- is prohibited from interacting with any other SCP and any personnel it was come in verbal or mental contact with should seek a psychological evaluation immediately.