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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be held in a sturdy concrete room, with a double door entry way, which should be sound-proofed, with shatter-resistant one way mirrors for viewing purposes. SCP-XXXX can be contained by use of A.N.C. (Aerosol Neutralizing Compound) Closing Time, to render it unconscious temporarily. Closing Time incapacitates SCP-XXXX at 8% concentration in the enclosure. Other A.N.C.s have not been tested. SCP-XXXX subsists on a basic omnivorous diet of vegetables and raw meat. SCP-XXXX will experience an appetite spike in the first and last 4 days of each month.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a female humanoid of a currently unknown ethnicity. SCP-XXXX stands 2.44m tall at full extension, and 1.68m while in it's usual quadrupedal posture. SCP-XXXX has an emaciated figure, with grey skin. [Further Details In Dr. Strauss' Notes]

SCP-XXXX was found east of [REDACTED], Poland, in the [DATA EXPUNGED] farmhouse, after no one had heard from the occupants in several weeks. All █ members of the family were found dead, wrapped in blankets. Bodies noted having several severe injuries, but died of dehydration or exposure. Law enforcement officials were given Class-C Amnesiacs, and reported a Carbon Monoxide leak from a faulty furnace.

When SCP-XXXX is exposed to humans, it will enter a hunter state, pursuing relentlessly until it has caught its target. Otherwise, SCP-XXXX will spend most of its time wandering the confines of its enclosure. SCP-XXXX seems to display no familiarity with its location, regardless of the time it has been confined. On the fifth day of each month, at 0914 hours, SCP-XXXX releases a keening wail, reaching decibels levels capable of damaging human ears. SCP-XXXX will continue for several hours, inhaling at twenty minute intervals. During the third instance, Dr. Strauss began regular testing to find a way to placate SCP-XXXX. [See Addendum SCP-XXXX-A].

Addendum SCP-XXXX-A:

Final results showed that introducing a D-Class personal to SCP-XXXX will cause it to treat the D-Class personal as a child. If the D-Class Personal attempts to escape, SCP-XXXX will capture and proceed to cause a crippling injury, so to keep its new "child". As SCP-XXXX can provide no nourishment to the D-Class personal, they expire in three to five days. The initial panic the D-Class displays eventually fades to a resigned acceptance, and in late stages of dehydration, the D-Class will regard SCP-XXXX as a mother figure. This could be a possible mind-altering effect of SCP-XXXX, or a new branch of Stolkholm Syndrome. Further testing pending. SCP-XXXX is inconsolable upon the death of the D-Class, and resumes screaming. D-Class personal will be provided only by order of Site Command.

The Idea Pit

Current work: The Matron

Ideas in development: A round of DNA, RNA, blood and other tissue samples taken while SCP-XXXX is unconscious. RNA results are that SCP-XXXX is from the Sinte Romani people, Romanian descendents from India. Blood test come back with various hormone levels very high. Need to look into the following emotions and states, and their resultant hormones:


Other ideas to work on in the future:

1) The Saints Sword - A single, hand-tossed tele-kill bullet, made 20 years ago, found in a scranton anchor box that was made 20 years in the future. Bullet displays traits of tele-kill alloy from when it was the be-all end-all solution to anomalous activity (Will have to look into pre-nerfed tele-kill). Foundation reaction is confusion and shock as they try to figure out why this one bullet is different from all other tele-kill.

Possible background - Maybe a reality bender cause the change in the function of tele-kill, and time travel is somewhere in there.

2) Look To The Stars - A section of forest in the northern USA has a rapidly changing magnetic north. The area is a rough oval, 50km long, 35km wide.

Foundation response: Declare the area a designated hunting ground with no official license, use the area for training agents to navigate if all technology fails.

3) Door 55 - A new researcher starts to wonder why no one knows whats in containment area 55. After entering, he remembers something. He can't place what it is, what it looks like, or what he remembers, but he knows that he saw something.

Possible background - O5 council knows what SCP-055 is. They've filled the containment cell with various redundant memory erasing signals to ensure that whatever they have hidden, it stays hidden.

4) Trader - A humanoid with mismatched body parts that can replace them through physical contact with other living humans, trading the body part (Arm for an arm). Trader will partially integrate the new limb, as it retains the DNA of the previous owner. Trader need new parts because his cells do not replicate.

5) The List of Random Anomalous Events - A series of minor events that do not require SCP classification, but are recorded. Mostly for shits and giggles, using wordplay and sarcasm.


  • A horrific fruit massacre, Tarocca variant of Citrus Sinensis and Pink Lady Malus Domestica were placed to close together.
  • Disc-steria,