MTF Psi-13 "Witch Hunters"

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AJMansfieldAJMansfield - Available 1:00-6:00 UTC Monday-Friday, and 16:00-6:00 UTC Saturday/Sunday
Some_PotatoSome_Potato - probably available around 2:00 UTC, but not sure
MoohabMoohab - Available 21:00-4:00 UTC Monday-Friday, most of the day on sundays

Contest Requirements

  • one SCP
  • one GoI format
  • one document showing field operations
  • one tale
  • one additional document

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  • Idea: part of a combined task force
    • works to counter occult activities before they start going anywhere
      • foundation end is responsible for containing recovered occult artifacts, etc
      • MTF is more specialized to destructive means of containment
        • as a result of training provided by GOC as part of
      • most of the task force's work involves investigation rather than actual containment
    • disseminating fake necrominicons on black market
      • with 'alert the foundation' spells disguised within?
      • nonfunctional?
  • Holy Spirit Healing Assembly
    • Members:
      • Jack Davis
      • George Jacob Cashwel
      • Billy Wade Cuyler
      • Tommy Dale Bishop
    • Preacher Tobias Lee
    • MTF Psi-13 is to investigate
        • infiltrate membership
        • locate source of anomalies
        • eliminate source
          • hopefully before massive eldrich horror unleashed
  • Plot
    • infiltrates HSHA
    • eldrich horror is summoned partially
      • "category 6 inconceivable"
    • preacher eliminated
    • church collapses (explosion-at-glass-factory style)
    • MTF self-extracts
    • calls for a "purge" at safe distance

Another planned document would be an official one related to the MTF, explaining their origin and training.

Your dagger must be sharp,
Its metal strong, free of rust, and mercurial,
Forged from an alloy of prudence and audacity.

For those that speak,
With unspeakable things,
Like gold turned to lead,
You will transmute their every victory,
Into that of defeat and ruin.
magnum opus est perditio eorum
(hopefully translates as “Our Great Work is their destruction”, but my Latin isn't so good despite taking a lot of classes in it)