Idea: crystal that transforms all liquid water connected to it into crystal, yet retains the same properties of the water, ie waves will still form, all aquatic life is encased in the crystal and dies.
scp-####-2-A will carry the property of the scp, crystallizing all water that it touches, once the crystal is removed, scp-1 that is removed from main source will harden and experience no further anomalous properties
containment: SCP-####-2 is to be kept in a secure lockbox in on-site storage
The crystal is .5 meters tall, .1 meters in length and width, professionally cut quartz crystal
SCP-####-1 is to be kept in 10x10 m room
SCP-#### was discovered in a raid on a [REDACTED] facility in the facility's lobby. scp-#### was found with a tag attached reading that it was a display, which can be purchased by [REDACTED]
scp-####-1 is a 3.5 m tall fountain. scp-####-1 displays the anomalous ability to

Item is to be kept in a locked storage container. Personnel wishing to use SCP, the must make a request to researcher with level two clearance or higher. The mask makes the wearer view whatever show, movie, or play they are watching seem like a comedy.Effect ends after the mask is taken off.Mask works on everything except *** movies which will cause the wearer to show disgust at the movie,

[manta ray]
A group of small manta rays displaying bioluminescence capable of communication via morse code. Most rays will exhibit a polite demeanor and will usually comply with most foundation requests. (wants more fish please) the female manta rays will have lighter colors than the males.

[Ice skates]
Ice skates size 9 that will free an area around the wearers feet when touching water. Makes a 10 inch circle of smooth ice rink quality ice around the wearers feet. The ice melts after the wearer puts more than 10 inches of distance between them. (possibly wondertainment)

[Slime cat]
a pile of slime that will form into the shape of a cat while in an active state
The slime is identified as mrs. fisher, due to the collar found within it upon initial discovery. Attempts to remove the collar will be met with hostile action, which is little as the claws will be made of slime. Subject will act as a normal female of the general housecat. Subject becomes active when in an area above 25 degrees fahrenheit. When below this the cat will condense into a small ball of slime wrapped around its collar. Subject shows no discomfort from this process.

[bone squid/ octopus]
An octopus made entirely of bones, uses a skill for the head and limbs are made of many small bones and fractures of larger bones. Several instances have been found in the wild ranging from the size of a bait squid to that of a colossal squid. They are harder to find as they stick close to the bottom and will blend with the sand. Instances are genderless but will lay eggs in shallower waters. Eggs are circular hollow bones filled with between 50-200 instances of it. They feed on bones of dead fish in order to grow. They have been known to attack humans in areas where the local fish population has dropped. There have been varieties similar to octopodes as well but exhibit the same anomalous properties but won't grow quite as large.the quids inhabit warmer areas where the octopuses will inhabit colder waters.

[Flame picture]
Object class elicid.

SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a non flammable locked storage box and to be kept in on site storage. Requests to use SCP-XXXX requires level 3 researcher permission.

SCP-XXXX was found in the charred remains of the [REDACTED] home in [REDACTED], Ohio.

SCP-XXXX-1 is a polaroid photo estimated to have been taken between the years of 19-19. The image on the film is transparent. When SCP-XXXX is placed in front of a flammable object the image will begin to show small flames slowly rising up the object and consuming it. After 30-50 seconds of exposure the object will begin to ignite and burn. SCP-XXXX-1’s effect will only work in a 15 meter cone. Once the object has ceased burning there has been a consistent square of un burnt material with a handprint burned deep into the material, this is believed to be due to SCP-XXXX-2

When SCP-XXXX’s anomolous effects are used on a human subject, a manifestation of SCP-XXXX-2 is formed

[Deer Raven]
Scp is safe sclass. To be contained in on site aviary.
Scp is a group of common ravens with the exception of having a pair of antlers on its head and deep red eyes. Scp is otherwise completely normal. It requires trees in its containment unit in order to allow scp to maintain its antlers.

[Golden turtle]
Doesn't age
Lays 1 egg every 20 years
Shell is a hard gold colored metal. Skin is bright gold with bio-luminescent orbs lining its extremities.
It eats seaweed.