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Warning this information is incomplete and will possible won't be on the finished project unless it's on the actual first site. If it is not there then that information will probably be changed or revised. Continue on if you want

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-3980's containment entrance consists of 2 doors acting like an airlock system. Information regarding SCP-3980 states SCP-3980 to be kept in a 1-kilometer by 1-kilometer containment area with 1-meter high steel beams that are to be heated up to 232.7o C. For extra security, a 3-meter metal fencing is to be placed around SCP-XXXX's containment area, this only pertains to the safety of all personnel. Retractable and extendable metal plates that are capable covering the entirety of the fence line are also required for windy days only.

Personnel of clearance Level 2 or higher are not to enter the containment area. Regarding the incident on 5/15/17 ALL personnel in proximity to SCP-XXXX are required to wear a harness that is connected with a steel chain to a winch.

In the event of a breach, SCP-457 is a viable option towards containment but should only be a last resort. Though it is suggested to only use direct fire.

Description: The Description of SCP-3980 is just the typical grass though it looks slightly bloated. SCP-3980 acts like quicksand but much faster. The insides of SCP-3980 is considered to be the same as stomach acid and it eats anything for sustenance and grows.

The Surface of SCP-3980 is considered to be like razors almost like the grass is metal razors work boots are extremely considered if walking on top off SCP-3980. SCP-3980 is incapable of English or communication. SCP-3980 grows at the rate of 1 mile per day if it is full.

The exact source is expected from the reason meteor that crashed down on that point in 5/12/17. Task forces were dispatched to investigate (see Addendum 1)

Addendum 1:

Interview that includes the incident on day 5/12/17, this is the exact day that the meteorite crashed down in ██████, United States 5/12/17

Interviewed: Agent ██████
Interviewer: Dr.█████
<Begin Log, 06h, 24m, 54s; 5/15/17>

DR.██████: What happened on 5/12/17

Agent ███████: We landed for a routine training in a seemingly empty field and we landed normally as usual but when we got off and went around like barely even 10 feet we were stuck in what was like quicksand…
Agent ███████ stutters and seems to zone out.
[Repeat as necessary]
Dr.██████: (snaps fingers trying to get Agent ███████'s attention) Hello? can you hear me?
Agent ███████ (snaps out of it) What?
Agent ███████: Where was I?
Dr.██████: Just at the part where you were stuck in what was like quicksand.
Agent ███████: Oh god (starts sobbing) IT WASN'T EVEN 10 SECONDS! (Continues sobbing) They began to scream I didn't… know why. I swore… that I wasn't on it, it was like it Grew… I got stuck, I realized why they were screaming it was (Agent ██████) Begins to shake. IT BURNED SO BAD!
Dr.██████: Do you want to continue?
Agent ███████: Yes… I don't understand why… but it started to get slower and weaker almost like it was getting full so I actually had the chance to pull my self out but… I couldn't walk. I then later realized that my legs were… Gone they were GONE I called for help on my radio. I was somehow the only person who survived… (Begins sobbing again) My fr..iends are gone… They are all gone… (continues sobbing)
Agent ███████ Was taken from the room
<End Log, 07h 00m 40s>

Closing Statement: Agent ██████ Was later deemed too traumatized for the continuation of any more interviews and was given psychiatric help and sent back home.

Casualties during containment:4 [3 Class D's were lost and one security personnel]
Injuries during containment:1

Addendum 2:
Includes live AUDIO footage of SCP-3980 incident during containment resulting in 3 deaths and one injury

<Begin Log, 5/15/2017 | 11h 24m 54s>
Warning Failure activating video footage turning on audio only
D-842104: I've heard about this one they changed the class from Euclid to Keter why are we even trying to go and investigate

D-921540: I don't know but we are supposed to do this we have to

Security officer: Please make sure your harness is securely connected and enter the chamber

D-842104: Yeah… Yeah… We get it, probably gonna die anyway
D-525341: Hey I mean… what do you think we are told to go in and research SCP's that will kill us
D-423151: Well… It's us or the rest of the human race

D-842104: Might as well get it over with
All Class D's enter the containment area while D-921540 supposedly hesitates for around 1 minute
D-921540: Hey… uhm has anyone figured out what this thing actually is?
D-525341: all I know is its SCP- What… Grunts my legs are stuck! What the hell!
All Class D's begin to call for help and the winch starts to turn
The ropes of 3 D-classes seem to begin to rip as SCP seems to be much faster than before, while D-921540 is pulled to safety
The rest of the 3 Personnel scream in pain as they begin to pass up to their knees
all ropes snap
Security officer: It's too late! lock it down and go through containment procedures!
D-921540:You can't just leave them in there!
Security officer: Yes we can! Look at them they already halfway inside they won't survive!
Security officer 2: WATCH OUT IT IS EXPANDING!
Security officer 1 screams in pain and terror

<End Log, 5/15/2017 | 14h 38m 29s>

Closing Statement: All 4 people that were taken inside were lost and only 1 class D survived with severe injuries.