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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is located at Site-[redacted] and is under heavy security

SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a 20m x 20m x 5m chamber. The roof of the chamber is to be equipped with grow lamps bright enough to sustain SCP-XXXX. the walls of SCP-XXXX's chamber are to be built with 20cm thick acid resistant steel. There is no underfloor to SCP-XXXX's chamber as it is deemed impossible but is unnecessary to have as SCP-XXXX does not grow or move from its original position.

Human interaction on SCP-XXXX is forbidden as of 6/15/2017 see addendum 2

Description: SCP-XXXX is determined to be a 20 by 20-meter patch of grass. The true nature and biology of SCP-XXXX are unknown. SCP-XXXX is classified as living and semi-sentient due to tests considered by the SCP Foundation. see addendum 2

SCP-XXXX has the consistency of quicksand, Retrieval of personnel is impossible. On the other hand, Abiotic objects or animals like bunnies are consistently not attacked by SCP-XXXX unless provoked. **See addendum 1 for more information

SCP-XXXX is capable of determining between living and non-living objects, as well as human beings and an animal like a bunny or deer. Generally, only humans are attacked by SCP-XXXX.

Addendum 1:

Addendum 1 consists of multiple tests in one involving SCP-XXXX and an inanimate object

-Addendum one includes a test using a rock in three different scenarios.-
-A light placement onto SCP-XXXX
-An underhand toss onto SCP-XXXX
-A Pitcher throw hitting SCP-XXXX

All class D-Personnel have basic knowledge of SCP-XXXX
-The first test consists of light placement of a rock onto SCP-XXXX-

Researcher 1 to D-class 95: Carefully place the rock onto SCP-XXXX
D-class 95 places the rock onto SCP-XXXX and carefully but quickly exits the containment room
SCP-XXXX does not respond to the rock placed onto itself
-The second test consists of an underhand toss onto SCP-XXXX-
Researcher 1 to D-class 102: Please underhand toss the rock onto SCP-XXXX

D-102 complies and throws the rock underhand onto SCP-XXXX

SCP-XXXX once again does nothing as if it hasnt been touched
-The third test consists of a pitcher throw onto SCP-XXXX-
Researcher 1 to D-1939: Please throw the rock at SCP-XXXX as strong as you can
D-1939 complies and throws the rock at SCP-XXXX with full strength
Almost immediately SCP-XXXX reacts to the rock devouring it
roughly 20 minutes go by and SCP-XXXX eventually spits up the rock
Personnel retrieve the rock and conclude the test
-Addendum conclusions-
SCP-XXXX seems to have a well stounded sense of possible taste and definitive touch senses.
SCP-XXXX is capable of determining attacks between non-attacks
SCP-XXXX the determination of a senient being is confirmed

Addendum 2:

Addendum 2 is footage of the first and only test of SCP-XXXX with D-class personnel

<Begin Log, 6/15/2017 | 11h 24m 54s>
All D-class personnel have basic information of SCP-XXXX
Security officer 1: Please Enter the chamber
all D-personnel D-92, D-84, D-52, D-42 Enter the chamber

Researcher 1: please walk around for a bit

All D-class personnel except 42 walk around
Researcher 1: D-42 walk around or face termination
D-42 is reluctant
30 seconds pass and SCP-XXXX begins slowly devouring 3 of the 4 D-class personnel, D-423151 is the only one not being devoured at the time
D-84: hey! someone help me! my feet! they are stuck!
D-92: I'm stuck too!
D-52: Oh [explicit] i am too! someone! please help us!
Security officer 1 goes to open the doors in attempts to rescue the D-class
Researcher 1: No… Don't…
Security officer 2: They are dying in there
Researcher 2: they are already dead nothing can save them
security officer 1 backs away and watches at this point
Researcher 2: Are you seeing that? Pointing at D-42
D-42 stands as still as possible and miraculously not being devoured by SCP-XXXX
Screams of the other 3 D-class are can now be heard
D-92: God help us! it burns!
D-52: Please!
Researcher 1 notices D-42 not being devoured either
Researcher 1: D-42 we advise that you stay completely still until the test is complete
D-42: What the [Explicit]??? You do understand that they are dying over there!?
Researcher 2: If you want to live… Stand… Still.
D-42 stands as still as possible and watches in fear as the other D-class are now fully engulfed
D-42: okay… now what?
Researcher 1 to security personnel: Get him out of there.
Both Security personnel retrieve D-42 and escort him back to his cell
Researcher 2: How eventful was that
Researcher 1 finishes writing on his notebook and hands it to researcher 2
Researcher 1: Get this filed and sent to 05-command
Researcher 2 leaves the room carrying the notebook while researcher 1 sits down

<End Log, 6/15/2017 | 14h 38m 29s>

Closing Statement: 3 D-class personnel were reported -Missing- as no evidence of remains or clothing were located or retrieved

- D-class-42 received no injuries or indication of injuries

- D-42 was sent for psychiatric care and recovered from the traumatic incident in 2 months time

- abiotic items were used in further testing with SCP-XXXX but human testing has been denied until further notice