World Class Clarinet
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SCP-XXXX being opened for playing session #17 (Store No. for filing purposes)
Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Only Level Three (III/3) and above are allowed to access SCP-XXXX with permission from the site adviser and research director. Class D prisoners are allowed for experimentation.

SCP-XXXX and its contents is to be contained inside a sound proof clarinet case locked with two permanent neodymium magnetic bolts (which are removed through special equipment to open the case) and an impact resistant cover made of titanium on the outside to prevent damage to SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX's case must be contained inside of a soundproof safe which is to be placed inside of a sound proof room. While transferring SCP-XXXX, personnel is advised to not drop SCP-XXXX, open the instrument case, or attempt to touch or play SCP-XXXX. If one wishes to play SCP-XXXX, they are required to play in a level four soundproof auditorium with at least three armed staff members at hand. All staff members dealing with SCP-XXXX must be wearing soundproof headphones capable of blocking out thirty decibels (the more the better). Listening to the playing requires listening through microphones and headphones (in which sound from the outside is blocked).

SCP-XXXX's player must not exceed fifteen minutes of playing. Once time is exceeded, staff must wear industrial gloves and proceed to remove SCP-XXXX with force from the current player. If the player refuses, staff is advised to attempt to hold the player, while the other sedate the player. The player will then be transferred to the medical ward under supervision of at least three guards, cuffed and chained, locked down, and provided mental and physical screening. Once the playing session is finished, SCP-XXXX and its is to be swabbed completely, sterilized, covered in new sterilization coverings, and placed back inside the case. Staff must also make sure that the case is closed and bolted with the magnets. From here, SCP-XXXX will be transferred back to the containment room and placed back in the appropriate place.

If any parts of SCP-XXXX is removed from designated playing area or containment zone, the possessor of SCP-XXXX is to be immediately terminated, no exceptions.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Buffet R13 clarinet which is a clarinet that is considered as the world's standard, selected as the choice of a clarinet by professional players, and priced at three thousand dollars (US dollars) at the very least in which prices can be as high as eight thousand. SCP-XXXX's body is made of select African Blackwood and the keys, screws, springs, and rods are made of solid silver. SCP-XXXX comes in eight pieces in which are all has Buffet's logo. The reed's, top joint's, bottom joint's, and bell's serial number (12391) was given to the Buffet manufacturers to find the trace of the SCP-XXXX's construction but Buffet claims that they had never constructed 12391 before and that there were no records of 12391 ever being made. SCP-XXXX's origin is still completely unknown to this very day.

SCP-XXXX-A One Vandoren size three and a half (3 & 1/2) reed (the reed is contained in a metallic case)
SCP-XXXX-B-1 & SCP-XXXX-B-2 One D. Bonade standard ligature (FRANCE, D. BONADE, and PATENT PENDING is imprinted on the front with two metallic screws)
SCP-XXXX-C Two 5RV Lyre mouthpieces
SCP-XXXX-D One top joint
SCP-XXXX-E One bottom joint
SCP-XXXX-F One bell

SCP-XXXX was claimed due to an odd psychological effect it had on the holder. Once any part of SCP-XXXX is touched, the person who touched SCP-XXXX will have a very strong urge to assemble the clarinet (if not yet assembled) and play on it. Once the playing begins, the player will play at a world class level regardless of musical background or experience before exposure to SCP-XXXX. The player will enter a state of trance and will play any piece of music presented to the player in chronological order. If no music is available, the player will play any random clarinet music that is in existence by memory.

The parts are rendered "highly durable", in which a force of 14,274 N (equivalent to 1.6 tons) is unable to bend any keys, break the wood, or even dent them. The silver keys of SCP-XXXX are not subject to tarnish, the pads never rot, the wood will never crack, and the reed never develops mold after playing. Though SCP-XXXX may seem very durable, it is not invincible from what researchers developed through theories.

SCP-XXXX also has a very severe effect of affecting to player to play for an indefinite amount of time. The first person to play SCP-XXXX died from suffocation which is a result from playing for five and half hours, which holds as the highest playing time on SCP-XXXX. The subject also had multiple open wounds in the mouth from the result in playing. The researchers did notice the wounds after three hours of playing but however the tone quality was not effected in any sort of way and still performed at a very high level.

(Playing sessions can be found [here. Please note that this is a restricted document.)

One last ability of SCP-XXXX is the ability to kill by playing [DATA EXPUNGED]. By playing this particular piece, anyone that is able to directly hear SCP-XXXX is subject to all of their muscles contracting which will cause severe blood clots, dislocation of bones, suffocation, and extreme pain. Thus why all observers and staff involving SCP-XXXX must wear soundproof headphones and be in a soundproof room. The particular piece contains many high notes in the third register of the clarinet and requires a lot of skills to play. The high notes are ear piercing and can be heard from at least a quarter of a mile away.

SCP-XXXX is denied access to being played at the current moment. (Refer to Amendment Document #152-B)

Addendum: Additional documents can be accessed here. Please note some are restricted documents.

Amendment Document #152-B
SCP-XXXX's Playing Sessions