Item #: SCP-2067
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2067 is to be held in a special containment chamber made of Granite in ██████, Germany. If he wants a bard, Dr. ██████ has to enter the containment chamber with a medieval costume and a lute. Entering the chamber with an electronic device of any sort is never authorized.
Description: SCP-2067 is humanoid, 1.7 meters tall and weighs 124.3 kg.
The foundation is not able to study its face or body, because it wears a knight armor from the 14.-15. Century Europe. It only speaks old German. Trying to remove the armor or sword always led to SCP-2067 kill the one trying. It’s sword is able to cut anything except titanium and granite. It´s armor is completely indestructible and possibly part of it’s body. It seems to be made of iron.
It was first found in ████████, Germany. It was roaming around the ██████. A mobile task force was destroyed by it, before it could be captured. It got lured into a van made of titanium, full of ████ and ██████.
Addendum A-1: SCP-049 somehow found out about SCP-2067 and is showing interest in meeting him.
Addendum A-2: SCP-049 was able to communicate with SCP-2067, although SCP-2067 is only able to speak old German.