Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

The device is suspended within a cube of water. A minimum of two (2) metres of water must insulate the device on all sides.

The device emitter must be directed at a lead shield of no less than ten (10) centimetres in thickness, and a width and height of no less than one (1) metre.

In the event of a containment breach, it is recommended that all personnel are cleared in the direction of emission to a perimeter of ten (10) kilometres.


The body of the device is in the shape of a barrel, suspended on its side. The length from flat end to flat end is one hundred and twenty four (124) centimetres. The width from opposing apexes on the convex sides is one hundred and two (102) centimetres.

The body is welded into a carbonised steel frame, square, with each inner measurement being one hundred and ten (110) centimetres. Four wheels with a diameter of fifteen (15) centimetres were originally attached to each corner of the frame by axles passing through simple bearing rings… these have been removed.

The device emitter array extends from one of the 'flat ends' of the barrel. It is a cone, fifteen (15) centimetres at the base, tapering to a point. The cone is seventy eight (78) centimetres long.

A ring is built into the cone at a point forty seven (47) centimetres from the base. A rod extends for three (3) centimetres from the ring, with a sphere of two (2) centimetres in diameter. The sphere contains a small amount of radioactive material. The material appears to be a compound of various naturally occurring radioactive elements, with iron as a binding agent.

The ring turns when the device is activated, causing the sphere to rotate about the cone.

When activated, the device emits exotic particles that are theorised to interfere with the 'quantum foam', with a small chance to excite a particle into an unstable state. The particle then restabilises by re-emitting the energy, releasing it as pulses of electromagnetic radiation varying across the 30Hz range.

The resulting generated field excites areas of the brain primarily involved in controlling aggression and paranoia. Affected individuals become extremely hostile and irrational. Subjects pass through four distinct stages as exposure continues (see addendum XXXX-2, XXXX-3, XXXX-4, XXXX-5)

The surface of the 'barrel' section of the device is comprised of layered exotic metals. These are extremely resistant to heat and impact or abrasion damage. The layer below is extremely reactive to minor disturbances, and further testing has been suspended until further notice (see addendum XXXX-6)