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Complete scp-xxx set

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-xxxx are to be kept in a standard containment locker at Site-19. Due to the limited amounts of SCP-xxxx-a, all experiments must be approved by the Operations Director for Site-19.

Description: SCP-XXXX is composed of SCP-xxxx-a and SCP-xxxx-b. SCP-xxxx-a refers to all instances of the paint contained in the kit's plastic base, which holds 12 175ml containers of tempera paint. Each kit includes 1 container each of white, black, red, blue, yellow, and 8 containers of various common secondary colors. The bottom of the plastic base is engraved with the words "Dr. Wondertainment® Terrific Tempera Paints™". SCP-xxxx-b is an 20cm paintbrush. Both the red handle and the black bristles of the paintbrush are made out of the same kind of plastic used for paintbrushes in other, similar paint kits meant for young children. The handle of the paintbrush is engraved with the words "Dr. Wondertainment® Travel Brush™".

SCP-xxxx-a and SCP-xxxx-b must be used together to trigger SCP-xxxx's anomalous effects. When used to paint on anything other than a wall, when used to make a painting smaller than .60m x .95m, or when used to paint anything other than a landscape, SCP-xxxx demonstrates no anomalous effects.

However, when used on a wall to paint a landscape at least .60m wide and .95m tall the finalized painting becomes a portal into the depicted scene once the paint has dried. The portal will allow passage to any living being along with items directly in contact with the traveler of a thickness no larger than 8mm, effectively limiting travelers to bringing only their clothing with them. Any item with a thickness larger than 8mm or not directly in contact with the traveler's body will be caught on the painting as if hitting a solid wall.

Update: In the case of human beings, independent travel through the portal seems to be limited to children under the age of 13. Humans older than 13 years-old may still travel through the portal but they must be in physical contact with a child of the appropriate age.

Once through the portal travelers will find themselves in a world matching the original painting in artistic style and complexity. The exception to this rule is that the world will be fully three dimensional regardless of the sophistication of the perspective techniques used in the original painting. The world will be populated appropriately, based on the expectations of the original artist and all living creatures within the world will interact with travelers as per the expectations of the original artist. This can and has lead to the existence of sentient and/or anthropomorphic animals and normally inanimate objects as well as the existence of living, fully functional mythological and/or imaginary beings. All living beings in the world appear to be friendly, or at the very least neutral, in attitude towards travelers. The extent of the world within the painting is limited to the approximate distance that can be walked in a 24 hour period by an average child between the ages of 10 and 13 years-old.

Update: Based on the results of experiment xxxx-28 all personnel using SCP-xxxx to paint a portal must undergo a thorough psychological examination to screen for depression, suicidal tendencies, sociopathic tendencies,or any other mental disorder that could influence the overall 'rules' of the world within the painting.

Addendum xxxx-01:

Recovery: SCP-XXXX first came to the attention of the Foundation 22/██/2017, in various homes in ██████, West Virginia, United States when agents embedded within local law enforcement agencies began receiving multiple reports of missing children. These reports would have been unremarkable except that they coincided with multiple conversation and social media posts talking about children or directly made by children recounting adventures in settings reminiscent of Narnia, Hogwarts, World of Warcraft, Wizards 101, and various other worlds from literature and games designed for young children. Saturation analysis of area maps led agents to a toy store by the name of ███ ████████ where 50 instances of SCP-xxxx where confiscated. Sales receipts led to the recovery of another 14 instances of SCP-xxxx, all of them depleted to one degree or another. ███ ████████ staff and all other affected civilians were administered Class B amnestics.