Writer RealityUnhinged (Dr. Rue)

Item #: SCP-????

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-???? is to be kept in a containment cell with the floor and walls coated in graffiti-proof paint, and a ceiling at least 5 meters up. No paper is allowed in the cell. Any personnel with mental disorders are not to be allowed in the containment area. For convenience's sake, all instances of SCP-????-# are to be contained inside SCP-????. Currently, 5 instances of SCP-????-# have been found. If an SCP-????-# breaches containment, all personnel currently involved in testing of SCP-???? are to report to the psychiatric department immediately for a mandatory mental health check.

Description: SCP-???? is a standard crayon box, with 3 crayons currently found belonging to it. The box itself displays no anomalous properties so far, though the brand (Crayonium's Disorderly Crayons) is not known to exist. A label on SCP-???? reads: "10 crayons to make you go mental!" Labels on the crayons (collectively referred to as SCP-????-#) also read "Crayonium." SCP-????-# are a collection 3 crayons, each a different color. Each crayon also causes a certain mental disorder after a specific amount of time drawing, writing, or scribbling with it, though it varies depending on the color of the crayon. The effect is reversible; it requires the subject to go a full 24 hours without using the crayon. Chemical analysis reveals them to be completely identical to ordinary crayons. If the wrapper of one is removed, it is impossible to tell the difference, unless you are aware of the effects.

Any new instances of SCP-????-# are to be documented like so:
Color: (Color of item)
Appearance: (Anything notable about item's appearance)
Properties: (Description of item's properties)
Recovery: (Details of where and how the item was found and recovered)

Color: Blue
Appearance: The wrapper seems to be permanently damp.
Properties: SCP-????-1 causes severe depression in anyone who uses it for extended periods of time, subjects often becoming suicidal after 2-3 hours.
Recovery: SCP-????, along with SCP-????-1, were discovered in ███████ Elementary, where a series of casualties involving children caught The Foundation's attention. An interview with █████ ██████, the kindergarten teacher whose room SCP-???? and -1 were found in, revealed that, according to her, "they just showed up [there] one day," and, "[She] thought that one of the kids had just found it hidden in the room or something." The school did not have any security cameras to look at. All staff and parents involved were given Class-B amnestics.

Color: Red
Appearance: It is snapped in two.
Properties: SCP-????-2 causes anyone who uses it for a long period of time to become aggressive and violent, often going into a murderous rage after a week.
Note: It seems that the time it takes to fully affect someone varies between crayons. We should further test this theory when we find more. -Dr. Rue
Recovery: SCP-????-2 was discovered in the house of the ███████ family, after a murder investigation found it in a child's room, next to an odd diary. The victim was the child's younger brother, and was stabbed in the chest ███ times with a kitchen knife. The child, thought to be the original owner of SCP-????-2, has not been found.
[Diary will be put here in a collapsible when my friend is done working on it]

Color: Yellow
Appearance: The flat side has been heavily chewed on.
WARNING: The wrapper has been torn off. Pay close attention to this one. Yes, I am aware of the irony in saying that. -Dr. Rue
Properties: SCP-????-3 causes people using it to develop ADHD, becoming hyperactive, and unable to focus for long periods of time. After 1-2 days, this results in a complete inability to concentrate, and an extreme increase in energy. Oddly, SCP-????-3 does not have the same effect on people already diagnosed with ADHD, instead putting them into an intense state of concentration known as "hyperfocus." While hyperfocusing, subjects seem almost unaware of anything going on around them, and will continue to draw or write with -3 until someone breaks their concentration. This is something that can happen normally to people with ADHD, and seems to have no negative effects, aside from starvation by forgetting to eat (which is something that -3 tries to make happen).
Note: As someone with ADHD, I am aware that hyperfocusing is natural. However, hyperfocusing to the point of starvation is not. These crayons seem to take disorders to their logical extremes, always resulting in some sort of casualty. Further crayons required before coming to a conclusion. -Dr. Rue
Recovery: SCP-????-3 was discovered at a car accident, where a child was run over by ██ year old man ████ █████. Witnesses, including ████ █████ himself say the child "walked into the road, looking lost in thought", and the car couldn't swerve in time. He is still awaiting trial, but it is for manslaughter, not murder.

Color: Black
Appearance: Both ends have been sharpened to a fine point, though it is unknown if it was like this before being used.
Properties: SCP-????-4 causes increased emotional suppression to those who use it for an extended period of time, becoming completely sociopathic in about one month. When the subject becomes sociopathic, they will start ignoring people or animals in mortal danger, leaving them to die, sometimes even encouraging it.
Note: This seems to again confirm my theory that whatever effect these crayons produce will always result in death. These things are dangerous! -Dr Rue
Recovery: SCP-????-4 was discovered in a youth detention center, when a young girl (eight years old) was brought in after convincing her little brother to jump off a five story building. He died from head trauma, and the girl admitted that she urged him to, showing no remorse. Talks with her parents revealed she had started developing a disregard for others ever since she found a black crayon.

Color: Purple
Appearance: Worn down from use.
Properties: SCP-????-5 causes heightened paranoia, and causes those who use it to hear voices in their head, mirroring extreme forms of Schizophrenia, or even Dementia in some cases. These voices so far always try to lead the subject to some form of harm, whether to themself, or others, until eventually, the subject dies. Most subjects commit suicide, but others die from retaliation while trying to kill someone.
Recovery: SCP-????-5 was found in a mental institution, after a man was brought there by his mother, who claimed he still had the mentality of a child, and wouldn't let go of the crayon he had. She also said there had been times he would threaten to stab people, and listen to his "friends" and their advice. After the crayon was taken from him, while he was asleep, he started crying and screaming that they had "taken my friends away." and asked the staff to kill him, because, "They were my only friends."
Note: Further testing required to figure out if instances of SCP-????-# have withdrawal symptoms. -Dr. Rue

Color = Disorder (Crayon Appearance) = Location Found

Blue = Depression = School
Red = Anger Management Issues (Snapped in two) = Child's Room
Yellow = ADHD (Chewed on) = Middle of the Road
Black = Sociopathy (Both sides sharpened to a point) = Juvie
Purple = Schizophrenia (Worn down from use) = Insane Asylum
White = Anxiety = House
Green = Bipolar = ???
Pink = Narcissism = Child Therapy Waiting Area (Specifically dealing with bullies) (Subject to change)
Orange = Bulimia = Restaurant
Grey = Insomnia = ???

How the Foundation discovered them:
Blue + The Box: A series of casualties involving children at a school.
Red: An odd diary found at a house being investigated for a murder. Diary is written in red crayon.
Yellow: Found at a car accident, where a child walked into the middle of the road.
Black: Sister in juvie for convincing brother to jump.
Purple: A man with child like tendencies ends up in an asylum after exhibiting symptoms of Schizophrenia.
White: Found in the house of a shut-in, who had not exited the house for some time.
Green: ???
Pink: ???
Orange: A restaurant gets a health and safety inspection after reports of toilets constantly being clogged with vomit, and children dying of starvation after visiting.
Gray: ???