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SAR Emblem, inverted.

The SCP Foundation according to XDragonboyX

The Foundation was Founded on one simple belief: That mankind was meant to thrive.

The SCP Foundation is relatively a small-medium sized organisation with no more than 60 sites worldwide. However, it is the most technologically advanced, well funded, and efficient agency in the world, and by virtue of these facts more than makes up for its size.

The SCP Foundation, operates alongside, but independently of, all other organisations, governments, and civil institutions. In addition, The SCP Foundation is totally self sufficient, and is capable of operating in the event that any and all outside institutions should collapse, or become hostile towards it. The SCP Foundation acquires all revenue through internal means, and is capable of funding itself in the above mentioned situations.

The SCP Foundation was founded in 1865.

The maintains the highest understanding of both mundane technology and paratech. The Foundation Paratech Arsenal is one of the largest, and contains the most complicated and powerful paratech elements.

As apposed to the GOC, which uses less powerful pieces of paratech and other paranormal paraphanelia more often, Foundation Paratech is elaborate, complicated, and powerful, but rarely used.

SCP-001 I agree with: Dr. Clef's

SCP-001s I consider disinformation: the Factory, Kate McTriss

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