Xeno XP's Second SCP
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Item #: SCP-2630

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures
[REVISED AS OF ██/██/20██]:
Through time,
containment of SCP-2630 is getting harder and harder. For now, SCP-2630 is to be contained in a standard Class-4 cognitohazard containment room. SCP-2630 is to be always monitored by special designed cameras. No personnel are to stay within 100 Meters from SCP-2630. Armed guards/MTF is to guard the entrance to SCP-2630's containment chamber from safe (150m+) distance.

Description [REVISED AS OF ██/██/20██]: SCP-2630 resembles an oridinary Egyptian sarcophagus, composed of Gold, Flesh, Wood,
Natron1, Glass, Aluminium, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Any subject, human, or even any sapient organism approaching within 100 meters of SCP-2630, may start feeling weak, unconcious, and paranoid. The only known way to protect against SCP-2630's effect, is to wear SCP-714 or SCP-████. Subjects in this state is to be Classified, as SCP-2630-2 instances, and stored at Cryogenic Freezing Vault-14. Any SCP-2630-2 instance approaching within 100 meters from SCP-2630 for the second time, rushes to SCP-2630, appereantly attempting to open it. Any attempt to open SCP-2630 (Even through SCP-████) has failed, due to SCP-2630 being unopenable in some case.SCP-2630's "Paranoid" 100 meters range seems to be extending approximitely One (1) Meter per Year.

It is yet unknown what exactly is within SCP-2630, however, on ██/██/2016, communication was made with the entity within SCP-2630, Hereafter SCP-2630-3. The entity is fully sapient, capable of communication through Egyptian language. Due to personnel not familliar with Egyptian language, the Communication has been translated to English. See Addenum 2630-a for more information.

Addenum 2630-a: On ██/██/2016, a communication was made with the entity within SCP-2630, with Dr. █████ ████ (Wearing SCP-714) and SCP-2630-3. Communication log can be found below.

Interviewed: SCP-2630-3, D-8276

Interviewer: Dr. █████ ████

Foreword: Dr. █████ ████ unaffected by SCP-2630, due to SCP-714. D-8276 also unaffected, due to SCP-████.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████ ████: //Hello SCP-2630-3. The Foundation and i need some information about you.


D-8276: Holy fuck! It's talking! THAT THING IS FUCKING TALKING!

SCP-2630-3: YOU (Untranslatable Egyptian)… OPEN THE SARCOPHAGUS…

D-8276: Are you fucking kidding me, that the fucking sarcophagus is talking?

Dr. █████ ████: Who are you?

SCP-2630-3: LET ME OUT… JUST (Untranslatable Egyptian)…

D-8276: What the fuck, man? Why is it talking?

Dr. █████ ████: Who are you? The Foundation needs to know that.


D-8276: He means the SCP Fuckdation!

Dr. █████ ████: Shut up! SCP-2630-3, tell me, where are you from.


Dr. █████ ████: For containment and SCP catalog purposes, you are now SCP-2630-3.

D-8276: Bullshit! This is BULLSHIT!


Dr. █████ ████: SCP-2630-3, you are now to be moved to Site-██.

SCP-2630-3: FUCK BOTH OF YOU! JUST (Untranslatable Egyptian)!

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Several hours after, a X-Ray was performed on SCP-2630. The X-Ray claimed, that SCP-2630-3 may be [DATA EXPUNGED] (A.K.A The Lost Mummy), who died in 23██ B.C, possibly by Malaria. SCP-2630 was buried at [REDACTED], The Kings Valley, and have been lost for nearly 3,█00 years. Much later in 18th century, SCP-2630 was first sighted by a group of explorers, who were never found. The missing explorers's story slowly spreaded through the entire world, and it came to The Foundation's attention in 1967. After nearly 20 years of exploration, SCP-2630 was finally found, and escorted to Site-19.