Call me Aunt Maude for I am the God's Debt Collector.
The day music was outlawed, we ran away.
Call me Grim, General for I have come for you.

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Item Number: SCP-#
Obejct Class: stuff
Containment Procedure:
Description: SCP-# is a water reservoir loctaed is _ Pennsylvainia. The facility refered to as SCP-# contians 3 water sheds, all of similar size (approxametly: 15 m in hieght and 7.5 m in diameter). SCP-# is encompased in a steel chain link fence arranged in a square 30 m on every side. Any attempts to cut said fence has been met with negative reactions from SCP-#.

It has beed observed the SCP-#'s water levels are continuosly being drained. Once SCP-# water levels are drained to a certain quontanty, SCP-# will start to draw water from outside sources (such as: moisture from the air, trees, run off, and aquifres). This has resulted in multiple, collateral effects on the environment within 7km circumfrance of SCP-#.

When not supplied with a sufficient amounts of water. SCP-# enters a volitile state. During the period of time SCP-# is in this state, SCP-# can manifest multiple different unexplained events. These phenominon include: Earth quakes, tornadoes, forest fires, and mass hysteria. None of these events have been known to be particularly damaging to the surrounding population.

Upon exploration, multiple plants of tropical origin have been discovered growning in multiple areas within SCP-#. All of these areas are marked by small oak signs displaying the message "My happy garden! Keep out!". Attempts to examine any plants non indigenous plants growing within SCP-# have been met with multiple different reactions.