Object; SCP-3943

Object Class; Euclid


SCP-3943 in the auction hall, before the auction took place.

Special Containment Procedures;
SCP-3943 and SCP-3943-1 should be kept locked inside a sealed steel cube, filled with salt water, chilled to keep a constant temperature of 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2.22 degrees Celsius), and should be pressurized to keep a constant pressure of 5569.27 PSI. There is a small porthole on one side of the cube, allowing the viewing of SCP-3943. The cube should be in a soundproofed room, with speakers to simulate the sounds of the bottom of the ocean, to keep SCP-3943 docile. Mobile Task Force ████████ is to be deployed on-site every year from 12:00 AM April 14th, to 12:00 AM April 16th, to make sure that SCP-3943-2 does not breach containment.

SCP-3943 is a Captains cap from the White Star Line RMS Titanic. Even though it has been at the bottom of the sea for over 100 years,it shows minimal signs of degradation of its materials, although it's colors are slightly faded. Scans show that there is nothing abnormal about the caps materials itself. It is currently unknown as to whether the SCP-3943's upkeep in condition is directly linked to SCP-3943-2 or not.

SCP-3943 was initially discovered by divers in the wreckage of the Titanic, and was extracted, showing no anomalous properties. SCP-3943 was auctioned off alongside a few other items found in the wreckage, two of which were normal, and three of which were found alongside SCP-3943, all containing anomalous properties. They were contained, and classified as SCP-████, SCP-████, and SCP-████. SCP-3943 did not show it's anomalous properties, until after it was auctioned off to Mr. █████ Briar, alongside SCP-████, SCP-████, and SCP-████. On April 14th, 20██, the ███th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, the Police received a panicked phone-call from Mr. Briar. SCP Agents were sent to investigate after the phone call was intercepted.

The following is a transcript of the intercepted phone call from Mr. Briar, to the Los Angeles Police Department.

911 Operator: 911, what is your emergency?

Briar: H-Hello? Yes, I…. I think there's someone in my home… in a hushed tone

911 Operator: May I get your address, please?

Briar: Y-Yes… I uh… Briar pauses for a moment, something can be heard being knocked over in the background I live on 1124 ██████ Rd. P-Please, hurry! I think they can hear me on the phone…

911 Operator: Please, calm down, Sir. I'm sending over police right now. Stay on the line until they arrive.

Briar: Right… I… What sounds like a knock on a wooden door is heard, as Briar falls silent.

Briar can be heard breathing heavily, his breathing quickening as the knocking gets louder, slowly turning to frantic banging

911 Operator: Sir, are you alright? What is happening?

The sound of running water can be heard, and Briar starts speaking again

Briar: P-Please! Hurry! He knows I'm in here! I can't st-

The sound of the door breaking, and falling down can be heard in the background. Briar can be heard screaming, and pleading for his life, as the phone sounds as if it's dropped in water, muffling the sound, while snapping and tearing noises can be heard, Briars screaming abruptly stopping.

Upon arrival at the scene, SCP Personnel found the body of Mr. █████ Briar, torn into 6 pieces, all of which were bloated with water, as if he'd been found after floating in water for days. His head had been removed from the rest of the spine, and was placed in the middle of his bed, SCP-3943 on his head. SCP-3943 was found to be anomalous, and was contained, and taken to Site-██. His left arm was found inside his display case, his left leg was found on the windowsill, his torso was in an armchair next to his bed, his right leg was found under his bed, and his right arm was found on his nightstand, with a small pocket-watch in his hand. This pocket-watch had it's hands spinning quite quickly, all the way around its face, even though there was no clear source of power, and the age of the watch should prevent it from working. A quick on-site scan revealed that it had anomalous properties, and was contained as SCP-3943-1. Nothing more is known about the watch, as testing on D-Class personnel is still pending approval from O5-██████ The carpet in the room was soaked with water, and all papers and books in the room had water damage. A sample of the water coming out of the carpet was taken for testing. The tests concluded that the water was sea water, from the North Atlantic Ocean, but had no anomalous properties.

When SCP-3943 is not in the proper conditions, those conditions being the same as they were when it was still in the wreckage of the Titanic, it starts to emit a loud noise, much like grinding metal. If it is not put into the proper conditions within five minutes after starting to emit this noise, SCP-3943 will release a black gas, which will take the shape of a humanoid figure, amalgamating into a single being, that turns solid, allowing it to interact with things in the room. This being has been deemed as SCP-3943-2. The being seems docile, and seems to be in mourning, unless it sees another living human. If SCP-3943-2 comes in contact with a living human, it will become filled with rage, as the room will start filling with ice-cold sea water, seemingly coming out of nowhere. When in an enraged state, SCP-3943 can turn parts of it's body back into gas, allowing it to avoid damage or injury. Once SCP-3943-2 is released, it will not leave until it manages to come in contact, and kill, at least one living human being, unless it appears on April 14th, where it will remain for 48 hours, disappearing again on April 16th. The killing of SCP-3943-2's victims is done consistently the same way. SCP-3943-2 will tear it's victim limb-from-limb, pulling off their arms and legs, before it snaps their spine. For reasons unknown, this never seems to kill the victim, but instead just paralyzes them, as SCP-3943-2 proceeds to separate the head from the torso, severing it's connection to the spine. It will place the head on the center of the nearest flat surface, and then place SCP-3943 onto the head, before turning back to gas, and dissipating. The parts of the victims body will then begin to swell with water, through means still unknown, as the water drains from the room. It is assumed that the water draining from the room is the same water that is bloating the bodies.

SCP-3943-2 will not appear, as long as SCP-3943 is in the proper containment conditions. However, an exception is made for 48 hours, between 12:00 AM on April 14th, and 12:00 AM on April 16th. During this period, SCP-3943-2 will appear regardless of the containment conditions SCP-3943 is in, and will pace around it's containment cell, mumbling to itself. All SCP staff are advised to stay out of SCP-3943's cell during these dates, and to keep out of the observation room for the cell. MTF ████████ is on-site during this period of time, to assure that SCP-3943-2 does not leave his containment cell, however, as no one has entered his cell, or the observation room during these dates, no cases of SCP-3943-2 breaking out of containment during the aforementioned dates have been reported. However, he has breached containment multiple times during testing, causing O5-███████ to order a cease to all testing on SCP-3943 using D-Class personnel, until a way to effectively re-contain SCP-3943-2 without loss of life can be found.