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Item #: SCP-3062

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3062 is to be contained within a ten (10) by ten (10) by ten (10) meter cell. The cell is to be equipped with a bed, an animal bed, and two feeding bowls (one for food and one for water). The containment cell also must have one LED light installed in the ceiling.

The cell is to be placed under minimum security, and one guard is to be stationed outside of the cell between the times of █:30 am - █:30 am. The personnel watching the SCP-3062's door must enter the cell in between SCP-3062's █████ (█) hour sitting sessions in order to refill SCP-3062-2's water and food bowls. While inside SCP-3062's cell, personnel must avoid making contact with either member of SCP-3062, as this may be considered an attempted separation by SCP-3062.

If any personnel within the cell on "feeding duty" accidentally touches either entity that make up SPC-3062, the cell door must be locked in order to prevent SCP-XXX from coming into contact with any other humans. The door must remain shut and locked until [DATA EXPUNGED] or all sounds from within the cell cease. All cries for help are to be ignored. All [DATA EXPUNGED] should also be ignored.

SCP-3062 consists of two separate entities, referred to as SCP-3062-1 and SCP-3062-2, both of which are docile for a majority of the time. The first sighting of SCP-3062 on record is from 14██. SCP-3062 was captured and contained during the Spring of 19██, in ████████ LA.

SCP-3062-1 appears to be an average African-American man in his mid-twenties. He has pale-yellow irises and lacks any physical signs of aging. SCP-3062-1 has never been seen eating nor drinking by any personnel, so it is assumed he does not need to eat or drink in order to survive. More research will be done regarding this topic. SCP-3062-1 has gone for ██ years without eating. It is official that SCP-3062-1 does not need food, nor water, to live.

SCP-3062-2 is a small gray cat that shares eye color with SCP-3062-1. Although SCP-3062-2 also lacks any signs of aging, it has been reported as needing both food and water in order to live.

SCP-3062-1 will spend up to █████ (█) hours a day staring at the east wall of his cell. During this period of time, SCP-3062-2 will remain unconscious on SCP-3062-1's lap. Both parts of SCP-3062 will become unresponsive and will ignore any and all forms of stimulation throughout the entirety of the █████ (█) hours. After a multitude of tests and experiments, it has been determined that the only situation in which either entity will react to its environment is if an attempt to separate the two is made.

In cases of attempted forced separation, both members of SCP-3062's eyes will transition from their natural yellow color to a void-like black. After this transformation has taken place, SCP-3062-1 will not begin to attack beings around him, but will simply target personnel for SCP-3062-2 to attack. Targeting of personnel occurs when SCP-3062-1 looks at any person for a time of at least five (5) seconds. Meanwhile, SCP-3062-2 will enter a state of extreme hostility and will attack any person SCP-3062-1 looks at. SCP-3062-2 will run to and attack people in a considerably normal manner for cats. SCP-3062-2 will dash across the ground towards its target before springing onto it. It will then scratch, claw, and bite all targeted personnel until they cease to live. SCP-3062 will return to its docile state once there are no humans left in its sight.

Further experimentation shows that during this state of separation, both entities' hearts begin to beat together, and it seems they are able to communicate telepathically. The most shocking discovery made during this trial [DATA EXPUNGED] (Trial 7-C).