SCP-4000-A-513, the current SCP-4000-A. Found within Area-4000.

Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances is anyone to directly interact with SCP-4000-A. MTF Epsilon-5 (“Freaks”) is responsible for locating SCP-4000-B and invade it. This results in SCP-4000-C instances perceiving that it is too dangerous for SCP-4000-A to leave Area-4000, and as a result, contains itself.

Every 2 months, a squad of D-Class dresses as members of MTF Epsilon-5 is to invade SCP-4000-B to keep up the illusion that SCP-4000-A is being hunted down. WiFi jammers are to be installed around SCP-4000-B to prevent the spread of SCP-4000-A’s influence. All websites created by or about SCP-4000-A are to be taken down by Foundation webcrawlers.

Any and all witnesses to the aftermath of a Duchesne Event are to be amnestized and, if necessary, a cover-up story surrounding the incident.

Description: SCP-4000 is a cult known as Team Five. SCP-4000 activity usually shares several common traits, such as:

  • The presence of SCP-4000-A, -B, and -C
  • The occurrence of Duchesne Events.
  • A particular obsession with a certain medium
  • Several artistic depictions of SCP-4000-A both within and outside of the medium SCP-4000 is obsessed with.

SCP-4000-A is a human being under the age of 18 which acts as a leader to SCP-4000.