Yersinia pestis

Item#: SCP-2823

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2823 is an antique picture frame. Its opening is covered by a 20.32cm x 25.4cm x 2.54cm oval plate of opaque Plexiglas. The object is mounted on the wall of a soundproof, containment chamber at site ██████. This object is observable through a 27.94cm x 33.02cm x 12.7cm thick sheet of transparent Plexiglas and monitored by video surveillance.

For safety reasons, class D personnel are only permitted to interact directly with the object. D personnel are instructed to not remove SCP-2823 from its mount and plating unless commanded to do so by research operatives. At the end of each session, all class D personnel must be detained. All personnel must exit the room immediately if any personnel experience “hallucinatory sensations”. All subjects are subjected to questioning concerning the content of their hallucinations. D personnel who experience visual hallucinations must be given a Class B amnesiac. D personnel who experience complete sensory hallucinations are deemed instances of this object. Instances are designated SCP-2823-serial#. These instances are to be kept for study then terminated after six months of exposure.

Description: SCP-2823 is a black, oval, antique Gothic picture frame. Further analysis of the object’s physical composition reveals that the object is made of both known and unknown metals. The frame is generally 27.94cm x 33.02cm and can hold a 20.32cm x 25.4cm photograph. Studies have revealed that the exposed is experiencing sensory hallucinations of “Hell”. The object was located on December 15, 19██ in ██████, Spain. A nun reportedly decapitated a bishop who she claimed ██████ several youth members of the choir. The allegations was proven to be [DATA EXPUNGED]. This nun was taken into questioning. She insisted that “God” revealed the bishop’s sins to her through an empty picture frame. The frame she claims was given to her anonymously with the following note:

Look if ye dare but abandon all hope.

The nun was given a class B amnestic and is currently under special surveillance. The frame and this notes was taken by Special Forces.

The hallucinations experienced is either visual or complete sensory. The exposed who experience complete sensory hallucinations are instances of SCP-2823. These subjects are described as docile. They often express remorse for previous offenses. Their facial expressions are limited and they do not seem capable of expressing negative emotions. In the presence of the “condemned”, they become homicide. However; their facial expressions towards the “condemned” is often mistaken for sympathy. Due to their nature, they must be kept in an isolation containment cell, escorted by four security personnel and can only interact with other personnel under the authorization of three level four operatives. When exposed to SCP-2823, they claim they see and know the sins of others and their punishment in this “Hell”. They also can hear the screams of the “condemned” and the judgment of “angels”. Instances also claim that the “angels” tell them when to seek and to destroy.

The condemned is either aware or oblivious of their damnation. Those who had direct contact with SCP-2823 will experience only visual hallucinations. These subjects witness images of themselves being tortured in this “Hell”. 13-hours after exposures, individuals will become intensely paranoid and will fear future persecution by SCP-2823 instances. If found by instances, these individuals will be killed. Those who escape or survive instances’ assault will committee suicide 6 days after initial escape. Those who are never found will lapse into insanity. Subjects who are not aware of their damnation had no previous contact with the frame. However, SCP-2823 instances harbor a constant impulsive to find these individuals. If found by instances, these individuals will be killed. Those who escape or survive instances’ assault will develop symptoms of PSTD, anxiety, depression and paranoid.

A number of questions have not been answered. The object’s origin, its age and who created it is not known. Its purpose and how it selects it converts is debatable. Interviews with instances suggest this items was designed based on the punishments suffered in The Nine Circles of Hell referred in Dante Aligheri’s epic poem, Divine Comedy, The Inferno. Potentially, the object originated in Europe between 1300s-1600s. Operatives doubt that SCP-2823 is “Hell” but is a dimension created to have the appearance of Hell according to the creator. Studies have shown that those who are killed by instances or those who committed suicide due to conviction appears in the frame. Nevertheless; five of the objects recent converts were [DATA EXPUNGED]. Researchers are baffled as to why and how the object came to the conclusion of selecting these personnel. Finally; how the object projects these images is still unknown.