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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-XXXX are contained in Ward 258 (Gynecology) in Bio-Research Area-12. All personnel assigned to Ward 258 must be male. Entry to the ward by female personnel is strictly forbidden, and any female personnel violating containment are to be kept under separate quarantine for three weeks before being administered a pregnancy test. If the results are negative, standard decontamination protocols are to be observed before release. If the results are positive, quarantine is to be maintained until the natural conclusion of the pregnancy or until a Level 2 staff member, upon written recommendation of a staff gynecologist, approves permanent containment of the subject in Ward 258 and assigns an instance number.

Male personnel exiting the ward are to undergo standard decontamination protocols.

Ward 258 is to be manned at all times by two staff gynecologists and two staff psychotherapists. Each host of SCP-XXXX is to undergo a weekly medical examination and must attend a daily counseling session.

In addition, six Security personnel must be present in the ward at all times to maintain suicide watch for hosts of SCP-XXXX. Attempts to breach containment are not considered likely but are to be met with appropriate force. After incident SCP-XXXX-f, all staff assigned to Ward 258 are to undergo weekly psychological analysis, and security members are to remain unarmed.

A subgroup of male members of Mobile Task Force Beta-7 is to respond to all reports of uncontained instances of SCP-XXXX. All women in the area of the outbreak between the ages of 5 and 67 are to undergo quarantine procedures as described above, and administered Class A amnestics if released. Men and other women are to undergo standard decontamination and are to be given Class C amnestics. The area is to be monitored for one year following the outbreak for additional instances of SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a pathogen that, when contracted by a pregnant woman, creates a symbiotic relationship between mother and fetus. Natural miscarriages, and any attempt to deliver the fetus by Caesarian section or abort the pregnancy, invariably lead to the death of the subject and fetus. In all other respects the pregnancy proceeds as normal, with no as yet discernible differences in the fetus, umbilical cord, or placenta, until the pregnancy reaches term.

The first and only symptom of SCP-XXXX manifests itself once the latent stage of labor begins. Cervical effacement and dilation do not proceed as normal, and labor never progresses into the active stage. Instead, the latent stage of labor, with associated contractions, continues for approximately nine (9) days before ceasing. At this point fetal growth is halted, though the fetus remains alive and active, and the pregnancy does not progress further. The condition appears to be permanent.

The pathogen's nature is unknown, as attempts to isolate a bacterial or viral cause have thus far met with failure. Method of transmission is also unknown, but it is conjectured that SCP-XXXX is at least partially airborne, as 6% of patients sharing a hospital room with infected individuals for three days or more contract it themselves.

There are currently eight instances of SCP-XXXX in containment:

Instance number Date of containment
SCP-XXXX-05 198█-██-██
SCP-XXXX-11 198█-██-██
SCP-XXXX-27 199█-██-██
SCP-XXXX-28 200█-██-██
SCP-XXXX-30 200█-██-██
SCP-XXXX-31 200█-██-██
SCP-XXXX-32 200█-██-██
SCP-XXXX-34 201█-██-██

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