SCP-2193 prior to containment. No further photographs of SCP-2193 are available since it was enclosed in the sarcophagus.

Item #: SCP-2193

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-2193 is to be permanently enclosed in a 100 m. x 100 m. x 100 m. concrete sarcophagus reinforced with 8-inch thick steel plate and to be staffed around the clock by specially trained physicists, field staff and armed security personnel. Due to Incident #2193-III, which occurred on 15AUG████, all further testing and experimentation of SCP-2193 are suspended indefinitely, with all efforts directed toward containment. All containment site staffs are to don Level A Hazmat suits on site and are prohibited from access to the sarcophagus interior without the written approval of at least five Level 4 personnel.

Since the event of Incident #2193-II, all site staff must undergo mandatory physical examination for signs of acute radiation poisoning and burns every week, as well as to check signs of sudden abnormal body deformities. Personnel who fail to report to the weekly examinations will be dealt with strict disciplinary actions and possibly termination.


SCP-2193 is a concrete tower approximately 30 meters in height located on the shores of █████████ Bay, ██., USA, on the very south edge of Naval Air Station █████████. It was initially built by the U.S. Air Force as a training facility for naval aviators to practice parachute water landings. The tower consisted of three levels, with a base linked to a pier that connects to the seawall ashore. Two parallel zip lines, approximately 65 meters in length, run from the top of the tower down to the sea diagonally at a 30° angle.

The tower came to the Foundation's attention due to an event which occurred on 06MAR████, recognized as Incident #2193-I. At approximately 2315 CST, aviation cadet ENS Lane ███ Jr. (USN), under the training supervision of AWR2 Scott █████ (USN) and SSGT Ben ███████ (USMC), was undergoing routine night parachute ditching at sea while utilizing blacked out goggles. When ENS Lane ███ Jr. failed to resurface after going below the water line, AWR2 Scott █████ attempted a rescue, only to emerge unconsciously after he jumped into the water. SSGT Ben ███████ immediately notified emergency service personnel. SST Ben ███████ was able to retrieve AWR2 Scott █████ with a rescue pole and attempted CPR, with unsuccessful outcome. SSGT Ben ███████ expired on 09MAR████ in [DATA EXPUNGED], but was able to provide Foundation his full testimony of the incident he observed.

During the Search-and-rescue (SAR) operation, and at approximately 2335 CST, personnel on-site began to show signs and symptoms of acute radiation poisoning. Video recording equipment from the incident location, which would've normally be affected by radiation interfering its' electrical systems, strangely did not display any disruption. At 2340, rescue personnel within a 20 meter radius from the site began to show signs of severe radiation burns, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, bleeding, extremely painful headache, dizziness, and hallucination.

At 2350, all rescue personnel were ordered to retreat from the site. However, Incident 2193-I resulted in the loss of nine souls, which included ENS Lane ███ Jr. and AWR2 Scott █████. Approximately thirty-nine more were hospitalized at an undisclosed on-base hospital awaiting treatment and further questioning.

Due to the extreme circumstance of Incident 2193-I, the Department of the Navy and US Department of Defense ordered the cover-up of the entire event to prevent a public mass panic. The Foundation was appointed to conduct further investigation and implement necessary containment procedures and SCP-2193 was established. On 08MAR████, a task force was established, with the mobilization of a special team of SCP field agents, headed by Agent Brian ██████. Donning protective radiation suits, Agent Brian ██████ supervised the construction of a 50 m. x 50 m. x 50 m. steel enclosure of the tower and the follow-up investigation. To the agents' surprise, instrument readings showed that the radiation level on site remained at a safe level of 0.87 millisieverts (mSv), the world average background radiation, even when the agents were standing at the closest proximity from the epicenter. The construction of the steel enclosure however, did prevent workers at SCP-2193 from further contracting radiation poisoning.

At approximately 1200, the body of ENS Lane ███ Jr. was recovered and rushed to the █████ ██████ Medical Center for analysis and autopsy, along with the other eight deceased and two additional casualties who'd succumbed to their injuries. All victims showed severe third-degree burns, complete loss of body hair and body deformation. However, when Foundation researcher ,Dr. Ken ███, observed the corpse of ENS Lane ███ Jr., he realized that ENS Lane ███ Jr. deformity had progressed at a much faster rate than other victims and now resembled the physical appearance of [DATA EXPUNGED].

At the site of SCP-2193, Agent Brian ██████'s team was notified that based on interviews of first responders of Incident #2193-I, a conclusion was drawn that those who were approximately 50 meters in range of the tower are all susceptible to acute radiation poisoning, and progressing at an abnormal rate. Based on injury observed from dying and deceased victims, it was estimated that they were exposed to a lethal dose of radioactivity twenty times stronger than the Chernobyl disaster, even though no evidence of a dangerous amount of radioactivity was detected through instrument nor was the source pinpointed.

Incident #2193-II:
The body of Dr. Ken ███, was found dead at the █████ ██████ Medical Center at around 0413 on 10MAR████ from severe laceration and blood loss by Foundation medical staff transporting additional deceased victims to the site for examination. It was realize that ENS Lane ███ Jr. had become [DATA EXPUNGED], and [DATA EXPUNGED] along with the other corpses, which were also going through an unusual mutation which appeared [DATA EXPUNGED]. A tactical response team was requested and all remaining corpses were immediately transported to [DATA EXPUNGED] to be incinerated. All victims imminent of death were also [DATA EXPUNGED].

The current sarcophagus was immediately constructed in place of SCP-2193 over the previous steel enclosure. A 1,000 meter exclusion zone was established and testing is limited to D-class personnel in continuing the determination of the unknown source of radiation and its effects. Due to the extremely vile nature of Incident #2193-III, no further testing is authorized on SCP-2193. A transcript is provided for authorized Foundation staff for reference.

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