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Note: This is a collaboration between myself and Marr965, and is NOT finished yet, so SHOO.

Repeat Copy Image of SCP-XXXX's current manifestation, GIF variant number ██.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained on a laptop within the Technological Anomaly Research centre of Site-█. The laptop is to remain powered and on, and SCP-XXXX is to remain open and in its active state.

Maintenance for SCP-XXXX’s laptop, and SCP-XXXX’s wellbeing, is currently the responsibility of Researcher Green. Because of SCP-XXXX’s current emotional instability, Foundation Staff with at least Security Clearance level 2 are advised and encouraged to interact with SCP-XXXX, to build SCP-XXXX’s trust in the Foundation, which may prove useful.

SCP-XXXX’s laptop must not be connected to Internet connections or Foundation data. However, SCP-XXXX is allowed to be connected to secure, closed networks during testing, and has been granted access to various e-books and video games to keep it stimulated, as part of its psychological treatment and wellbeing. Copies of its image must be placed in these areas within the laptop’s drive to allow it to maintain access to them. Copies of its image must not be placed in System Folders.

Under no circumstances is SCP-XXXX to be opened on any form of image editing software without at least Level 3 Security Clearance, and the permission of Researcher Green or the Site Director.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a JPEG image, measuring 233 x 463 pixels in size. Its current manifestation is a portrait of the upper torso of a young woman drawn in a stylized fashion, and wearing a generic uniform in the same art style. Much of the file’s properties, including the file size, are bugged and fail to display. Attempts to access and modify the coding of SCP-XXXX have thus far proven impossible.

SCP-XXXX displays anomalous properties that seem to defy the logic of computerised systems. When SCP-XXXX is opened with image viewing software SCP-XXXX enters an “Active State” and becomes self-aware. Closing SCP-XXXX will end its active state, and it will lose most of its anomalous properties. When closed, SCP-XXXX appears to enter a form of stasis, and claims not to notice the passage of time between being closed.

When in its active state, SCP-XXXX is capable of movement within its pixel “frame.” It has also demonstrated both sight and sound-based senses, and is capable of speech via the speakers of the laptop it is currently contained in. SCP-XXXX currently refers to itself as Sandra, and Foundation personnel are permitted to do the same in informal contexts. If the speakers on SCP-XXXX’s laptop are muted, or if no speakers are active, then SCP-XXXX can communicate through instant messaging.

Its ability to see and hear is not influenced by the presence of a webcam or microphone. If direct line of sight between SCP-XXXX and the focal object is broken, then it will claim that it cannot see it; SCP-XXXX will make attempts to circumvent this by moving around within its frame to bypass whatever is blocking its vision. Additionally, edits to the image that block its vision, such as drawing a blindfold around the figure’s eyes or removing the eyes entirely, will yield similar results, although SCP-XXXX has proven capable of changing certain factors of its own accord (such as untying and removing the drawn blindfold.)

Attempts to copy SCP-XXXX have proven ineffective. Copied images are either JPEGs or animated GIFs roughly depicting SCP-XXXX’s last still pose, or last two seconds of movement respectively. Although these images do not possess inherent abnormal qualities, they do provide SCP-XXXX with the ability to “connect” with computer programs. For example, Researcher Green was able to convince SCP-XXXX to create a █████ account by using one of its copied images as a profile picture, which allowed it to fill in a profile and utilise the program (which is how SCP-XXXX is able to now speak via instant messaging.) SCP-XXXX appears able to utilize multiple copied images to “puppet” different programs at once. Research into the full extent of these abilities is ongoing. Copied images may be edited without any effect on this phenomenon, but if copied images are copied again, these second copies lose this anomalous property.

SCP-XXXX can be moved around and between systems without losing its anomalous properties. Since moving a computer file entails copying and deletion of the original data, this phenomenon was thought to be unexplainable. Researcher Green proposed a theory that suggested that SCP-XXXX’s properties propagate between the deleted and copied image via some unknown means. If true, this might also have effects on attempts to delete the original file.

Researcher Green tested his theory on the 26/██/██ and found that deleting the “original” file caused SCP-XXXX’s anomalous properties to move and manifest in one of its duplicated images, even if the duplicate was on a separate system. Restoring the original file produced an unexpected result: the JPEG image was completely blank and lacked SCP-XXXX’s form.
Note: Well we answered one question, but unearthed way more in the process. I’m fairly certain that SCP-XXXX’s abnormal properties extend beyond the confines of the laptop we store it on. It seems like an extremely complex explanation for a seemingly simple object.
-Researcher Green

If SCP-XXXX is opened on image manipulation software, it will become static and unable to move while in the software, but remains able to speak and see (unless its mouth and eyes are covered or removed.) Although edits to the image in general can be done without harm, and edits to its “body” seem unable to kill SCP-XXXX, they can permanently affect SCP-XXXX’s form. Direct edits to its body, or other edits that affect its body, are described as often being extremely painful and traumatic for SCP-XXXX to experience. Furthermore, these edits seem to spread to copied images, which can, in the case of GIF images, change the action she is repeating. Foundation Researchers have agreed that further manipulation of SCP-XXXX’s manifestation should not be permitted unless absolutely necessary for testing purposes.

As part of SCP-XXXX’s treatment, it is allowed to interact with Foundation staff within Site-█’s Technological Anomaly Research centre. SCP-XXXX has made requests to be allowed to help staff with their work, as it appears to want to “repay” the foundation (permission pending.) Although SCP-XXXX will tend to display what has been described as “a shy and cautious, but friendly nature” when interacting with staff, this appears to be an attempt on SCP-XXXX’s part to overcome her emotional instabilities. In reality, SCP-XXXX currently suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and moderate depressive symptoms. SCP-XXXX also displays a severe phobia of Image Manipulation software, due to its exposure in the past. SCP-XXXX is currently undergoing counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy to attempt to ease these symptoms. It is hoped that, by doing this, SCP-XXXX will, at best, be able to provide more insight into its own nature, and at least, will be of some use to the Foundation in other ways.

Acquisition: SCP-XXXX was acquired during an online auction hosted by "Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd." Agent ████ managed to infiltrate the auction and placed the winning bid, allowing him access to SCP-XXXX. The agent was not, however, able to ascertain the background history of SCP-XXXX. Agent ████ then transferred SCP-XXXX to Foundation care.

Addendum-XXXX-01: Excerpts from Retrievement Interview Logs

Interview Logs 3-8 <REDACTED>