Following a Foundation raid on an abandoned Sarkic temple, multiple letters were recovered from the personal quarters of a "Karcist Laman." Letters are addressed to "Brother Laman" a member of the Cogwork Orthodox Church.

October 14th, 1976

Hello Alex,

Did you really assume you would be able to leave to that sickening metal church without your mother and I noticing? This is disgusting and shameful! You are a disgrace to our entire family's name, how dare you even! There is nothing in the machines! Stay with Grand Karcist Ion's truths! Come back to your father!

These heretical machines have brainwashed you, son! They have toyed with your mind, the natural order! They want nothing but to eradicate us because we are of the natural state! We exist as beings of purity! Do you really want to become a stale, rotting, mechanical entity of no free will? Part of a hive mind of technology? You are truly horrific.

To my everlasting shame,

Karcist Ojat Laman

What It Means to be HumeMan

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Item #: SCP-4444

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4444 is to be held at Site-03 during preliminary testing, in the Mechanical Projects Wing, Testing Bay A. No personnel under Clearance 4/4444 are to be allowed entrance to Testing Bay A until further notice. Initiation of the device is not to be carried out without proper confirmation from at least 5 members of the O5 Council. At least 24 hours before SCP-4444 is initiated, all reality effecting/altering devices, hume related apparatuses, and Scranton Reality Anchors must disabled. Once SCP-4444 is activated, Procedure 380-Sepulchre is to be performed.

If one or multiple personnel attempt to activate SCP-4444 without proper authorization, all members involved are to be apprehended and interrogated immediately.


CGI render of SCP-4444-1.

Description: SCP-4444 is an advanced apparatus consisting of four Scranton Reality Anchors (SRAs), eight Scranton Reality Magnets (SRMs, see Scranton Reality Device Guide I4), and various other mechanisms. Four SRMs are directed outwardly (designated eSRMs) while 4 SRMs are focused inwardly (designated iSRMs). All SRAs are aligned towards the center of the base.

Following Procedure 380-Sepulchre, a 357-Locke Event will transpire. Once this has occurred, SCP-4444-1 manifests. SCP-4444-1 is a spherical area located at the center of SCP-4444 with an above-average hume reading of approximately ███ hume levels. SCP-4444-1 displays a slight magnetic hume effect, drawing humes nearby closer to itself at an attraction rate of 1h/h. Upon direct contact with SCP-4444-1, [REDACTED - O5 EYES ONLY].

As of yet, no secondary properties of SCP-4444-1 have been observed, however, because of the general lack of experimentation with the object, secondary properties may exist. It is hypothesized that the existence of SCP-4444-1 longer than ~██ days may result in one of two events: One, an SH-1 Event, leading to a CK-Class Reconstruction Scenario followed by a ZK-Class End-of-Reality Scenario, or Two, an EH-0 Event, leading to a CK-Class Reconstruction Scenario, followed by a possible XK-Class End-of-the-World Scenario.

Notice: This document is outdated. Please see Iteration 2.