Foreston New Jersey
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Photo of SCP-XXX

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX-1 is currently located in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Perimeter fencing has been erected one kilometer from SCP-XXX-1. This area is to be patrolled by Foundation field personnel at all times. All entities not recognized by sight are to be contained Immediately. Foundation liaisons have been appointed to facilitate communication with citizens of SCP-XXX. Visitations to SCP-XXX have not increased the amount of anomalous objects originating from SCP-XXX, and it is encouraged that the Foundation make contact with citizens at least once a month.

Description: SCP-XXX is a town that can only be accessed by making physical contact with SCP-XXX-1, a sign reading "WELCOME TO FORESTON NEW JERSEY". The actual location of the town is unknown, with constellations not consistent with any recorded by the Foundation. Compasses and GPS systems are useless within the town, their signals being interfered with by various magnetic forces. The populace of the town has an extremely high rate of abnormal traits, with physical, or mental characteristics differing from standard humans presenting in 10-20% of the population. The town's citizens are aware of their abnormalities in relation to other humans, and are also aware that there is a world outside of the town. The citizens of SCP-XXXX are willing to talk to outsiders, and have a generally positive disposition. The police of the town, besides performing the normal duties of law enforcement, answer to an entity known only to the Foundation as The Mayor (designated SCP-XXX-2), The Mayor is credited with the creation of the town by its people, and is its unquestioned leader. SCP-XXX-2 is known to conduct medical experiments within the forest that surrounds the town. The citizens of the town view his actions in a universally positive manner, regarding him as a genius and a visionary. Though the mayor himself has never been seen by Foundation personnel, he makes contact regularly, using the police to relay messages between himself and the Foundation. His messages are most often directed at encouraging the Foundation to assist him in his activities, and requesting collusion. So far, three anomalous objects confirmed to have originated from SCP-XXX have been found within the Pine Barrens since the Foundation's discovery of SCP-XXX.



Photo of SCP-XXX-3's effects on a damaged human eye

SCP-XXX-3 appeared as a normal human female, approximately 12 years of age. The subject was was found carrying a note that read "My gift to you", which it presented to Foundation personnel Immediately following containment. SCP-XXX-3 would attempt to make physical contact with Foundation field teams, at which point their skin would be pierced by root-like appendages. These roots would then begin to spread throughout the body. After repeating this process 3 times, SCP-XXX-3 died of malnutrition. While in the body, the roots vastly increased the speed of the healing process, and prevented bones from breaking. These roots dissipated after 4 weeks.




SCP-XXX-4 appears as a human fused at the torso with tree limbs. Upon exiting SCP-XXX-1, SCP-XXX-4 utilized these in order to merge with the roots of trees surrounding SCP-XXX-1. Following this, the roots of the trees began to grow to form large geometric patterns under the soil. The roots and trees themselves also substantially changed their cellular makeups and internal biology. SCP-XXX-4 remains at the center of this, with Foundation personnel unable to remove it, due to extreme resilience to damage, as well as incredibly fast cell repair. Electric current flows through the system, and readings of the area show large amounts of radio waves emitting from SCP-XXX-4. At the moment, the Foundation has been unable to make sense of anything being transmitted. The purpose of this is still unknown, though Foundation agents theorize it to be either a form of terraforming, or espionage.



Pustule caused by infection of SCP-XXX-5

SCP-XXX-5 is an anomalous bacteria originating from SCP-XXX. SCP-XXX-5 spreads its infection through the ground, causing large open holes filled with a new substance composed of dirt, as well as spores of the bacteria, reminiscent of pus in humans. The effects on the Earth mimic the symptoms of smallpox, or other sore and lesion causing diseases in humans. All sores have been quarantined, and no new infections have presented themselves. When inside the human body, these bacteria form a new organ in the base of the neck. This organ stores and creates mutation free copies of the host's DNA. Though more long term studies are needed, this in theory could prevent the degradation of the DNA due to aging, and possibly reverse the effects of damaging genetic diseases.

Addendum 1, interview with citizen of SCP-XXXX

Interviewed: James Connery, Citizen and police officer of SCP-XXXX

Interviewer: Dr. Samson, Liaison to SCP-XXXX

Foreword: This interview was conducted within SCP-XXXX, prior to this meeting, Officer Connery had been approved by the government of SCP-XXXX as a liaison to the Foundation.

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: Hello again officer Connery

Connery: Hello again Doctor, you're looking well.

Interviewer: Thank you officer, you as well.

Connery: Well, I suppose we’ll just get down to businesses then. Now, you received the two gifts, correct?

Interviewer: If you are referring to the objects, then yes we received both of them.

Connery: Well, our mayor is a miracle worker. I hope you can appreciate how much trouble he went through for those.

Interviewer: Well their technology is certainly, ahead of its time.

Connery: Oh that doesn’t even begin to describe it. Now, I really have to ask, of all those miracles you have locked up collecting dust, how well do you really understand them?
Interviewer: Well of course it depends on a variety of

Connery: Don't dance around the issue. What do you call them exactly? Anomalies. The same thing we are to you. You have no idea what most of those things are, you can't fathom how they work.

Interviewer: Which is why we must work to understand them. We cannot use things like this, they must be studied and contained.

Connery: That's how someone who lacks vision, who lacks ambition, looks at it. Your scientific research teams are some of the best, but they aren't the best. In all their years of study how many objects have been explained? How many are understood? The best, the only one whose research means anything, is the visionary who made all of this. Now we have a written contract we'd like you to take a look at. (Officer Connery proceeded to present the document)

Interviewer: (After reading). No. Absolutely not. We cannot turn over any objects in our custody to you. Regardless of any type of payment.

Connery: And apparently regardless of what’s for the greater good. You know in truth they'd be safer with us. Our Mayor, he could understand them. He could protect people from them. He could control them.

Interviewer: That's arrogant.

Connery: It's the truth. The arrogant ones are the people speaking to beings with technology and knowledge they can't begin to understand and insisting that they can do better. People will never be safe with those things in your, “care.” You're holding humanity back.

Interviewer: These negotiations are over. I'll pass this along to my superiors but honestly there's no chance these demands will be met.

Connery: You know, it's really funny.
Interviewer: What.
Connery: That you've seen the things he's capable of, and you still think he needs your consent.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Connery was escorted out of the area by his fellow police. Dr. Samson was later relieved of his Liaison duties by the Foundation.