ZaeCathe's Drafts


All information regarding Project Sacrifice and Procedure Thaumiel are to be UNCENSORED and all humans in the facility, regardless of class, are to know of both Project Sacrifice and Procedure Thaumiel. Project Sacrifice is only to be used if a KX End-of-The-World scenario is imminent and MTF teams cannot/may not/will not have a chance to secure the situation. Procedure Thaumiel cannot be used as a simple method to eliminate all Keter SCPs as SCP-XXXX-2 has specifically said it will only accept the sacrifice with the above condition.

Project Sacrifice is a special research project, started and lead by Researcher Strak. It is believed that Researcher Strak holds some bond with SCP-XXXX-2 as he has been able to make incredible strides into Project Sacrifice as of SCP-XXXX's containment and Incident-XXXX-01.

Project Purpose(s): PRIMARY PURPOSE- Project Sacrifice's end goal is to inevitably perform Procedure Thaumiel when and if a KX End-of-The-World scenario occurs, and research the event as it occurs to develop an end note to this project. SECONDARY PURPOSE- It will continue to develop a possible method to destroy extremely dangerous SCPs capable of causing a KX at will.

Project Staff:

Project Lead: Researcher Strak
Senior Advisor: Dr. Corona
Non-management personnel: 50 researchers, 10 doctors not involving above personnel.
D-Class personnel: 99,940

Procedure Requirements: 10,000 human souls, SCP-XXXX-1, Researcher Strak
Purpose: To function as a method to end a KX End-of-The-World scenario and eliminate all currently known Keter level SCPs.