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There Is No Canon

SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier

Official Designation: SCP Foundation Kugaaruk Containment and Research Base

Site Identification Code: CAKRCS-Site-19

General Information


Access trail to Site-64 entrance. Click to enlarge.

Founded: 15 November 1971

Founding Director: Dr. Gregory Baxter-Reeves

Location: Kugaaruk, Nunavut, Canada

Cover Story: KDSO, Kugaaruk Deep Space Observatory

Site Function: Containment and research of anomalies, as well as acting a central base of foundation operations.


Offices and Wings:

Surface Level
Sector-01: Observatory (Main Entrance)
Sector-02: Airfield for supply shipments
Sector-03: Personnel Airfield

Subterranean Level 1:
Sector-04: Security Checkpoint
Sector-05: Space-time Anomaly Connection Point
Sector-06: Administrative
Sector-07 Dormitories

Subterranean Level 2:
Sector-08: Adminstrative
Sector-09: Dormitories
Sector-10: Recreational Area

Subteranean Level 3:
Sector-11: Administrative
Sector-12: Dormitories
Sector-13: Dormitories
Sector-14: Recreational Area

Subterranean Level 4:
Sector-15: Low Security Research
Sector-16: Standard Secure Lockers
Sector-17: Standard Secure Lockers
Sector-18: D-Class Cellblock
Sector-19: D-Class Cellblock

Subterranean Level 5:
Sector-20: Low Security Research
Sector-21: Low Security Research
Sector-22: Safe Class Containment
Sector-23: Safe Class Containment
Sector-24: Safe Class Containment

Subterranean Level 6:
Sector-25: Medium Security Research
Sector-26: Medium Security Research
Sector-27: Euclid Class Containment
Sector-28: Euclid Class Containment
Sector-29: Euclid Class Containment

Subterranean Level 7:
Sector-30: Medium Security Research
Sector-31: High Security Research
Sector-32: High Security Research

Subterranean Level 8:
Sector-33: Security Checkpoint
Sector-34: Maximum Security Research
Sector-35: Keter Class Containment

Subterranean Level 9:
Sector-36: Security Checkpoint
Sector-37: Maximum Security Research
Sector-38: Thaumiel Class Containment

Subterranean Level 10:
Sector-39: Generator
Sector-40: Servers
Sector-41: Emergency Shelter
Sector-42: Emergency Shelter

Subterranean Level 11:
Sector-43: Backup Generator
Sector-44: Backup Servers
Sector-45: 1 Kiloton Nuclear Warhead

Staffing Information

Site Director: Dr. Jack Bright

Asst. Site Director: Dr. Loyd C. Conroy

Dir. of Personnel: Rona Costello

Asst. Dir. of Personnel: Fracisco Morales

Dir. of Facilities: Sally L. Horan

Dir. of Research: Dr. Robert Haywood

Asst. Dir. of Research: Dr. Vanessa Miles

Dir. of Safe-Class Containment: Dr. Shane E. Toledo

Dir. of Euclid-Class Containment: Dr. Lisa McNeal

Dir. of Keter- and Thaumiel-Class Containment: Dr. █████ ██████

Dir. of Security: Agent Henry Barlow

Asst. Dir. of Security: Agent Sarah Black

Dir. of Task Forces: Agent Rufus Newman

On-Site Personnel:

    Department Heads: 13

    Staff Doctors: 701

    Staff Researchers: 2626

    Administrative Personnel: 3599

    Maintenance or Janitorial: 2436

    Security Personnel: 4250

    D-Class: 1207

    Other Personnel: 1093

Selection of Anomalies Currently Under the Jurisdiction of Site-19

Total Number of Anomalies Contained at Site-19: 811

ID Number Object Class
SCP-055 Keter
SCP-131 Safe
SCP-133 Safe
SCP-173 Euclid
SCP-387 Safe
SCP-451 Euclid
SCP-527 Euclid
SCP-577 Euclid
SCP-588 Safe
SCP-668 Euclid
SCP-669 Safe
SCP-812 Euclid
SCP-931 Safe
SCP-1288 Safe
SCP-1934 Safe
SCP-1376 Safe
SCP-2522 Euclid
SCP-2533 Safe
SCP-2580 Euclid Safe
SCP-3162 Safe

Additional Information

Assault Rifles

Item: Colt M4 Carbine
Use: MTF, TRO, Security

Item: FN SCAR Bullpup
Use: Primary weapon of TRO, sometimes used by various MTF units

Item: Heckler und Koch HK416
Use: MTF

Item: FN F2000
Use: MTF and Security


Item: Heckler und Koch MP5
Use: MTF and TRO

Item: Heckler und Koch UMP
Use: MTF, TRO, Field Agents and Security

Sniper Rifles

Item: Accuracy International AWM
Use: MTF Units

Item: Barrett MRAD
Use: MTF Units


Item: Kel-Tec KSG
Use: MTF units and TRO

Item: Benelli Supernova
Use: TRO and Security. Also distributed to certain firearms trained Containment Specialists for use in emergency situations.

Project Proposal 1994-607: Boredom
Artist: Sarah McReed

Title: Boredom

Material Requirements:

  • Six sheets of 300x300x5 cm plywood
  • An unspecified amount of white paint
  • An unspecified amount of nails
  • Two hinges
  • Eight screws
  • A small metal rod and two small metal rings
  • A timer
  • A servo
  • Assorted electrical components
  • A wooden chair
  • A battery-powered desk lamp
  • A soldering iron, a screwdriver, a hammer and a saw

Abstract: Using the components, a 3x3x3 meter cubical room will be constructed. From one of the six sheets, a door is cut, which is then attached to the hinges.