Zep Culber 1

Item Number: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-XXXX is to be stored inside a safe deposit box on site-19.Level 3 Personnel and higher are to obtain the combination to the lock to SCP-XXXX upon request only through paper.Combination to the safe deposit box is to be written in morse code in order to deter any Personnel lower than level 3 from peaking inside note.

Any & all Personnel under Level-3 clearance suspected of knowing the combination will be given Class-B Amnestics immediately after sufficient evidence has been found.Any & all Personnel under level 3 clearance caught attempting to open the safe deposit box with or without a combination visible are to be incapacited and held for interview,after which they are terminated.Special Pen must be used to write note so that ink will dilute after 98 hours.

Description:SCP-XXXX appears to be a feather measuring 8-cm in length and 3-cm in width,SCP-XXXX's color seems to be light-gray in appearance although some personnel report semi-reflective properties that are yet to be understood.SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties begin to activate once it's tip is dipped in blood,specifically human blood.

If a sentient being writes on paper, contents on paper will begin materialize within 50-134 ms. Approx. 1 meter away from all Subjects. Testing revealed that wording must be written third person narrative in order to activate anomalous properties.Writing in normal ink proved unsuccessful when a Class-D subject made the attempt.Subject reported experiencing mild abdominal pain and dizziness shortly after Ink attempts.

24 hours later,Subject was found sprawled on the floor on his cell, with blood coating the walls, floor, and every object in the cell. Testing revealed it was subjects blood.no injuries where found,neither blood,in Subject.

"Imagine what we could do with this Feather! We could finally be able to wish up as much coffee as we want,AND have some leftover for the next day,that stupid coffee machine was broken anyway!-Dr.Bright".Doctor Bright was resigned to site-073 shortly after being reported circling the hall,eyeing where SCP-XXXX's safe deposit box is located.

SCP-XXXX was confiscated in a rural area of Albania after an online video went viral under the name of Maks Tarj,who was observed in the video to be writing in a book with his own blood using SCP-XXXX,shortly after which several furnishings appeared out of nowhere. Maks was detained after the rumors spread through all of Tirana, and made it's way to the Balkan Web,which caught the Foundation's attention.Class-B amnestics where administered to witnesses, and Mr. Maks was forced to make a public apology,stating that it was a hoax for attention. Interview with Mr. Maks is currently being issued, and will begin shortly…