Item #: SCP-2450

Object Class: Keter


Photo of SCP-2450 attacking a civilian vessel.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2450 is to be kept in an underground water-filled bio-chamber (2km x 2km) suited for Enteroctopus in Site-28. It should be fed at regular intervals following document 2012-A3-PRO as to prevent it looking for a source of sustenance. SCP-2450 is not to be given octopus at any point, as noted in document 2450-A3-PRO, feeding is to be observed by no less than (2) level 3 researchers and (1) guard. SCP-2450 is to be secured within the bio-chamber with (3) keter-class steel doors creating an air-lock so as not to lose pressure upon entering. No less than (4) guards must be stationed outside as to prevent un-authorised access. If a containment breach occurs then STF O-23 (aka “The Kitchen Sink”) is to secure SCP-2450 with military grade airborne transport and weaponry.

Description: SCP-2450 is an Octopus of species Enteroctopus with no visible anomalous properties except its massive size (500m-700m, depending on feeding habits) and apart from its size is physically indistinguishable from other members of its species.
SCP-2450 is sentient and possesses an ability to talk to subjects within it through thus-far unknown means, so far 15 expeditions with (1-7) D-class personal, (2-3) agents and (1-4) level 2 researchers, all expeditions have been logged in attached document 2450 A2-EXP. Each expedition has led to a different chamber in the gastrointestinal tract despite same distance travelled and same directions taken, researchers are looking into whether this is because of [REDACTED] or [REDACTED].

SCP-2450 will constantly seek out human activity of any kind that it can reach by means of grabbing with elongated tentacles which can extend up to 1km in length; it is at this point which its anomalous properties manifest, once it has caught a human (alive) it will proceed to draw the subject inside via a hole covered by a thick layer of muscle (5m) that retracts itself once the subject is within 100m. Once the subject has been inserted into the opening it will close at a speed of (avg. 67mps) after which the walls of the corridor will then begin to [DATA EXPUNGED] causing severe nausea and often fatal without proper equipment.
After testing (see testing log 2450 A1-TE for details) the protocol for entering SCP-2450 has been reviewed and updated for full details see document 2450 A3-PRO.

SCP-2450 was first brought to the foundations attention when Dr. ██████ a level 4 researcher at Site-██ attention was brought to a local group of fishermen who had reported sightings of the ‘Kraken’ and had been attempting to capture it, Dr. ██████ sent (3) agents to question the fishermen and from this information set about to find what became SCP-2450, whilst the expedition was going on [DATA EXPUNGED] caused SCP-2450 to escape containment multiple times within a period of 2 weeks, containment protocol was revisited after this event.
SCP-2450 has breached containment (17) times and as of now is NOT contained, STF O-23 (aka “The Kitchen Sink”) is currently under-going capture procedures (listed in document 2450 A3-PRO) to re-acquire SCP-2450.

Addendum SCP-2450-A: The following interview is conducted by level 4 researcher Dr. ████████ and D-0486, Dr. ████████ communicates with D-0486 over radio on a secure frequency that SCP-2450’s unusual bone makeup does not disturb.

Addendum SCP-2450-B: