(Number here) was found in (data expunged), now know as Facility (name), is a large warehouse full of metal working and shaping machines. These machines are unlabeled, and do not have any stamps. However, everything seems to be completely automated. And that's not the strange part. The Foundry is able to create metals that seem to defy the laws of physics, your "Unobtanium" metals. These metals act according to the laws from whatever realm they cam from. The cause for the Foundation to get involved is due to strange anomalous activity from certain metals created, as well as a large explosion of a metal known as "Sakuradite". This metal was deemed to be highly reactive, and very explosive, and could cause mass harm to the world. A second problem arose from an entire city falling asleep, labeled as The Hypnos Event. How this second event occurred is unknown, and is the main reason why the Foundation stepped in to seize The Foundry.