Media Glove
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Item #: SCP-####
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: The object is to be kept locked in a chrome steel safe which in turn is to be put under video surveillance. SCP-#### is to not be handled by or around any personnel with a latex allergy for their own safety. After each use, every instance of SCP-#### is to be counted. If any instance of SCP-#### is not accounted for, it is to be found immediately.
At the time of this writing the box contains 98 gloves.
Description: SCP-#### is a box of sterilized white surgical gloves. The gloves are unpowdered latex and show no enhanced or decreased resistance to damage. A damaged section of the glove will not display any anomalous properties, while undamaged sections will be unaffected.

The anomalous nature of the object comes when it interacts with a written piece of media. This is displayed in one of two ways, when the user has the intent of removing a certain aspect of what is described by the media or when the user has the intent of inserting an item into a piece of media. In both cases the gloved part of their hand will go through the medium. After removing their hand they will either hold the object that they had intent to remove or the object that they had the intent to place inside will no longer be in their hands, and instead will appear within the medium. There are, however, certain limitation.

  • The user can only remove/insert items into a medium using a language they understand.
  • The user can only remove items that are currently displayed by the medium. Alternately they can only insert items in places that are currently displayed.
  • The user can only remove/insert items that fit through the aperture provided by the medium.
  • The user can only remove/insert items from pieces of media in languages they understand.
  • Some amount of force must be applied to remove/insert the object. The exact force varies but is usually less than one newton
  • Any item that is removed comes with all the descriptions used in the entirety of the medium. Alternately any item that is inserted will usually carry with it any adjectives the user feels necessary for a successful removal.
  • The version of the item that is removed is the version currently visible by the user.

Once an item is removed/inserted the medium adjusts instantly in order to incorporate the object/account for its absence. After in depth testing certain aspects were found to be consistent after a story change.

  • Length/Number of Pages
  • Style
  • Font Size (If none is specified it defaults to a font size that the user finds comfortably legible)
  • Type of Writing Method Used (If the page is blank this usually defaults to graphite)
  • Paper Material

However other things would change freely

  • Number of Words
  • The plot
  • Any message the original author was attempting to convey.

After the insertion or removal of an object the story may be expanded upon. Any changes made to the story involving the object will affect the object such that if it is later removed the changes will be manafest.

If the medium is part of many copies only the copy used appears to be affected.