Last Dawn Scabbard

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in any standard SCP containment safe, stored at least 1 meter away from cold-sensitive SCPs. SCP-XXXX currently in ██ at Site ██.

Description: A black scabbard shaped for a 16th century Japanese katana, aproximately 76 centimeters in length with a mass of X.X kilograms. The scabbard is adorned with what appears to be gold thread, stitched into a design of interlocking circles such as chainmail. Japanese kanji (the style of calligraphy dates it around the 16th century) is found on one side of the scabbard, translated as 'Last Dawn'. No means of connecting the scabbard to a belt or clip are found. Because of its properties no samples of its material can be recovered. No sword was found.

The sheath was discovered when a one kilo bomb was dropped on a house in ████, ██ of 20██.
The bomb detonated, and yet most of the house was unharmed. Captain ██████ of the ███ forces found SCP-XXXX within a few feet of the detonation, where the blast suddenly cut off. In ██ of 20██, Agent ██████ was sent to retrieve SCP-XXXX for testing and containment.


  • The scabbard seems to absorb and negate all tested energy reactions that come in contact with it, including thermal environment, kinetic impact, and ionizing radiation.
  • Through thermal testing, SCP-XXXX has been recorded at temperatures ranging between 65-70 degrees kelvin. It is unclear if this is the temperature of SCP-XXXX's surface, or the temperature of the air directly surrounding SCP-XXXX as the air is cooled.
  • Physical tests of stress and hardness conducted on SCP-XXXX have so far exceed the Foundation's capability to record. No strain of SCP-XXXX's material has been detected during these tests.
  • Attempts to put anything into SCP-XXXX has resulted in the object being unrecoverable. This includes all recording equipment inserted into SCP-XXXX.
  • Despite the properties of SCP-XXXX, the scabbard can easily be lifted and moved with one hand, contradictory to its ability to nullify physical impact. Even its thermal absorption appears to ignore those who handle SCP-XXXX, allowing anyone, including class 4 personnel, to safely handle SCP-XXXX for any amount of time (given they do not stick any appendages inside SCP-XXXX).
  • Due to the nonhazardous nature of SCP-XXXX, further tests of its capabilities (including resistance to nuclear detonation) are not required.

Addendum 1:
The appearance of SCP-XXXX has been compared to the weapons of SCP-076 in speculation, but due to the nature of SCP-076 direct comparison is not advised.

Addendum 2:
Given SCP-XXXX's capacity for nullifying energy it's reclassification as Thaumiel is pending following approved tests with other SCP objects.