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SCP-3324 in the process of writing

Item #: SCP-3324

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3324 is to remain in a standard Safe containment unit within Site-23. No special procedures are necessary to secure it. All experimentation regarding SCP-3324 is to be approved by the head researcher for the SCP-3324 project Dr. Friedberg. Approval of at least one (1) Level 2 personnel is required to remove the subject from its containment unit.

Description: SCP-3324 is a green wind up tank made of tin. The writing on its front reads "Lucky Tank". The subject is believed to have been produced around 1940, due to its weathered colouration and whining inner workings.

After SCP-3324 is wound up, it moves forward, leaving a thin trail of blood behind. The Medical Department has been tasked to analyze the blood (analysis lasted █ weeks). In all instances of SCP-3324 moving, its movement formed German words. Project intern Dr. ███ translated all texts written by SCP-3324 to English. He later conducted experiments proving that SCP-3324s behaviour is of sentient origin.

Technical research on SCP-3324 uncovered no anomalies. Subsequently, "Interviews" with the subject were conducted. The following logs are administered by head researcher Dr. Friedberg, a total of three logs were recorded. All writings from SCP-3324 in this and later logs are collected on 21 cm x 29.7 cm A4 sheets of paper and stored in Site-23 in locker ████.

Upon receiving this information, research concerning the supposed birthplace of SCP-3324 was conducted.
████-██████ was traced back to the north of Germany. In search of information regarding SCP-3324, a newspaper article with a possible connection to SCP-3324 was found in the last issue of the "████-██████ Bugle".


Article from the "████-██████ Bugle"

 Necromancer shot

 (████-██████) Local toymaker
 Markus ███████ was caught
 by the local police force on the
 ████ of ███ 1946 performing
 satanic rituals on his cancer-
 sick daughter Lisa ███████
 in the ████-██████ City Hos-
 pital. When ███████ begun
 to slit his daughters throat, 
 the authorities opened fire.
 Neither Markus nor Lisa 
 ███████ survived the

Due to the advanced age of the blood left by SCP-3324, research was not completed until the previous two logs were recorded:

After recieving this Information, Dr. Friedberg insisted that another interview was necessary.